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Champs wont release block and it's causing major problems!

First I would like to point out that I am on an iPhone 8 iOS 11.0.2.

I have had this issue too many times to count since the last update and it's driving me crazy. Multiple different champs I have used and continue to get the same results so it doesn't seem to be something that is affecting only a few. I will block and parry like I normally do throughout multiple fights back to back and occasionally for no reason I will get locked in place after blocking and regardless of my inputs to evade, dash back, dash forward, or attack, there is no response with the champ. Instead they just stand there looking stupid and eat a full combo, heavy attack, or a special and there does not seem to be anything specific that I can see that is triggering this behavior. It has cost me multiple items in AQ, AW, and act 5.3 and lost quite a few arena fights from it so far. I would really like to know if this is something only happening to iOS players or if its also happening on Android. Please post your comments below if you have had similar issues.


  • I have it on an old one
  • DusterN9neDusterN9ne Posts: 74
    you have what? @creeper30000
  • the problem
  • Yes i have similar issues and it has not yet been fixed until now. 2 weeks ago I had to deal with this block freezing issue while i was in the middle of my LOL run. Cost me to burn more units than what I was supposed to. Yesterday I just finished master on the event quest and encountered block freezing several times while I was fighting Mephisto. This bug has to be fixed ASAP. All the updates and hotfixes has not addressed this issue so far.
  • BTW, I'm running Android.
  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 349 ★★
    Just happened to me in AW vs and unstoppable colossus. I was using OG vision and was beating him down when he tries to run me down and I managed to block (missed parry because ya, that's broke AF as we all know) and he hits me twice, I go to evade back and just stand there and eat a heavy attack. I noticed these types of shenanigans only happen as the AI is getting beat down to like 30% health... it's as if they just go into this utter BS cheat mode!
  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 2,779 ★★★★★
    Ahh I didn’t just go from barely above average to absolutely awful over the past couple of days...
    having the issue also on iOS 11 iPhone SE
  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 349 ★★
    Ahh I didn’t just go from barely above average to absolutely awful over the past couple of days...
    having the issue also on iOS 11 iPhone SE

    Right? Interesting thought though... iOS 11 update was about the time **** got really bad but also about the time 15.1 came out? Hmmm...
  • DusterN9neDusterN9ne Posts: 74
    Well after some playing around with different timings I think I have finally found out what is causing the problem and I am certain it started from one of the last 2 updates that were released.

    From what I've noticed the Block animation is much slower than it previously was and as a result the parry timing is off and it also causing the actions after dropping your guard to freeze your champ in place until the entire animation is finished.

    Example if you are trying to parry and you block too slow before the strike hits you then your character doesn't have enough time to go through the entire animation of raising their hands in defense and the result will be only a regular block or possibly missing your block entirely.

    Another example would be if you try to just block a regular attack to bait out a heavy attack and then evade before the heavy hits and you don't allow enough time for your character to lower their hands from block all the way you will be frozen in place unable to react until the full animation is done and that may result in you getting hit by the heavy or taking a 5 hit combo if the opponent doesn't actually do a heavy attack.

    I have tested these scenarios out countless times and it seems to be the only explanation. A Moderator needs to take this up with the game dev team and tell them to speed up the block animation back to the speed it was before these last 2 updates because they clearly have made change that was not mentioned when making these recent patches otherwise there wouldn't be so many different ppl with different devices and OS having the exact same issues.

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Iko
  • DusterN9neDusterN9ne Posts: 74
    If anyone who has read this post cares to try to make a video showing the animations specifically and how they allow your champ to react feel free to post it here to shed some more light on this issue. I will try if possible myself but maybe coming from other ppl as well will prompt them to actually take this problem seriously and not just shrug it off.
  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 349 ★★
    Ya they’ve made an absolute mess of fight mechanics really since 12.0 and it seems they’ve painted themselves into a corner at this point. Thanks for the analysis @DusterN9ne - hopefully they’ll take a hard look at this.
  • DusterN9neDusterN9ne Posts: 74
    Also @Tman0971 I was fighting full immune skill sym on map 5 section 2 the other day and was using X23 and had a near flawless battle just taking blocks and baiting heavies to look for my openings and wait for my regen to kick in to get my health back up. I did about 65 hit combo and the sym had about 10% health left. I continued to play the way i had been and all of a sudden was frozen after a block and took one heavy attack and it knocked 85% of my life off after I tried to evade before it hit at least 3 times and just stood there. Needless to say I got mad considering I didn't expect to fail so easily because of a game hiccup.
  • zMaoriiboiizMaoriiboii Posts: 150
    I thought it was just me having perhaps sticky fingers or something lol. Numerous times I go to evade back after blocking and it just stands there. Collecting a heavy attack.....
  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 349 ★★
    Ok @DusterN9ne ... you just confirmed what I suspected. I have run that same path for quite some time with x23 and Rogue without issue until 15.1 hot patch and thats when the low health shenanigans started for me. Thanks for the sanity check.
  • flip3609sbroflip3609sbro Posts: 44
    Same thing is happening to me, my champs will not respond to any input I give them just randomly. I just lost SL in Aw because he wouldn't swipe back to dodge a heavy, he just stood there and ate it.
    I'm on iOS 10.3.3 on a iPhone 6
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