AQ Update: Bishop Replacements


Our team has heard and considered your feedback regarding Bishop in some of our AQ maps. We appreciate that Bishop’s update has given him some defensive advantages and in turn, caused some of his current local nodes to be slightly more difficult to beat. As such, our team has decided to make the following changes:

Map 5

Variant 1 - Node 57

Poison (60)
Heal Block

Out: Bishop
In: Namor

Map 6

Variant 1 / 3 - Node 35


Out: Bishop
In: Cable

Variant 1 - Nodes 30/70

Soft Guard - 2 (Removed)
No Hit-M...ercy 3 (Lowered to 2)

Both Bishop Mini-Bosses (Section 1/2 - Bishop is staying as the boss)

Map 7

Variant 3 - Node 10

Incinerate (30's)
Strike Back
Aspect of Evolution

Out: Bishop
In: Silver Surfer

Variant 1 / 2 - Node 14

Prove Yourself
Mix Master
Power Start 1
Enhanced Energy Attacks

Out: Bishop
In: Cyclops (New Xavier School)

Variant 2 - Node 81

Physical Resistance (80%)

Out: Bishop
In: Professor X

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