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Moderate Champion Buff Proposal: Loki and Heimdall

With the end of Loki's first season and the coming of another Thor movie, Asgard is in need of improvements to their protectors(and usurpers) to hold the line against the Contest's vicious waves of new warriors. Of which, two champions are to be proposed with moderate buffs to keep them fresh and maintain a spot in the Contest that will last. These two are Loki and Heimdall.
Note that the proposed buffs are not to make the champions extremely dominate in the Contest's meta, but rather provide a alternative or be more consistent useable for content.

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  • L_217L_217 Posts: 109 ★★
    Heimdall's New Kit as listed in my proposal. Putting this out there in case people don't want to read the doc.
    Base Critical Damage Rating is set to 0
    Gain 26% Base Critical Resistance Flat
    --When Struck by or Blocking incoming attacks, Heimdall gains 10 dormant Armor Charges. Heimdall gains an additional 40 dormant Armor Charges on Well-Timed Blocks.
    --On reaching 100 dormant Armor Charges, they turn into an Armor Up Buff, increasing Armor Rating by {~1800} for 10 seconds.
    --When Attacking or being Blocked by an opponent, Heimdall gains 20 dormant Fury charges.
    On reaching 100 Charges, they turn into a Fury Buff, increasing Attack by {50% of Base} for 10 seconds.
    *Heimdall benefits from doing a full 5 hit combo and then parrying an attack, making him the ideal champ for learning players.
    Critical Hits:
    --Inflict a Bleed dealing {60% of Modified Attack} over 8 seconds.
    --Critical Attacks do not benefit from bonus damage, so instead any Critical Damage Rating that Heimdall would gain goes to increasing his personal Buff potency, up to a maximum of 25%.
    *For clarity, this means that Heimdall’s critical attacks deal the same damage as his non-critical attacks.
    When Charging a Heavy Attack:
    --Convert 1 of each active Fury, Armor Up, Precision and Aptitude buff, triggered from Heimdall’s abilities into one of infinite duration.
    --Heimdall can have up to a maximum of 3 of each indefinite Buff at a time.
    All Seeing Watch:
    --Whenever Heimdall activates a Special Attack, he gains a permanent True Strike Buff as long as he does not have one already active. This buff is lost if Heimdall is Struck or if his Vigilance effect is removed.
    --Heimdall gains a Vigilance passive while this Buff is active.
    --While Heimdall’s True Strike is active, all Attacks cannot be avoided with Dexterity, he can trigger Parry against non-contact Attacks, and has a 33% chance to Auto-Block basic attacks, capable of triggering Parry.
    Special Attack 1:
    --Inflict an Armor Break debuff per each personal Fury buff active on Heimdall, each removing an Armor Up Buff and reducing Armor Rating by {150} for 15 seconds.
    --This attack expends 10% less power per each personal Armor Up Buff on Heimdall.
    Special Attack 2:
    --100% chance to be Unblockable if Heimdall is under the effect of an Armor Up Buff.
    --100% chance to Stun the opponent for 2.50 seconds if Heimdall is under the effect of a Fury buff.
    --The last hit of this Attack triggers Heimdall’s Bleed ability, and has +110% potency per each personal Indefinite Buff active on Heimdall.
    *At a complete ramp up, Heimdall can trigger a bleed with 1320% increased potency with a 412.5% or more Attack increase.
    Special Attack 3:
    --100% chance to grant an Aptitude buff, increasing the potency of Armor, Fury and Precision buffs by 50% for 15 seconds.
    --All active personal Indefinite Buffs on Heimdall are reapplied.
    *Being reapplied allows any indefinite buffs to benefit from Aptitude’s potency increase.
    Signature Ability Change: Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge:
    --Whenever Heimdall gains his True Strike Buff or activates a Special Attack while one is active, gain a Precision Buff increasing Critical Rating by {350 to 900} for 10 seconds.
    --Heimdall converts all the buffs active on him at the end of the previous fight into Power. Start the fight with a Power Gain buff granting {3 to 8}% of his Max Power per buff converted at the start of the fight, over 7 seconds.
    *At long last, you can gain more precision without having to be hit or lose your True Strike Buff.
    Synergy Changes:
    --Channelling the Bifrost with himself: All Champions: Once per fight, Heimdall summons the power of the Bifrost to intercede the battle, granting an Unstoppable and Indestructible buff for 3 seconds whenever you would be knocked out.
    *The Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge synergy was moved in name to his signature, and the before synergy has been buffed from 2 to 3 seconds of saving grace in addition to affecting Heimdall.
    --Enchanted Blades will now include Guillotine 2099.
    --Thor(Ragnarak) is replaced with Thor(Jane Foster) for the Warriors of Asgard synergy.
    New Synergies
    --Stopping Ragnarok with Hulk(Ragnarok), Thor(Ragnarok) and Korg: All Champions but Heimdall: Once per Fight Heimdall will intercede on your behalf, dash back and hold Block for 1.5 seconds to gain an infinite Duration Energize Buff increasing Combat Power Rate by 15%.
    --The Endgame Nears with Hulk(Classic), Ronin and Hulkbuster: Once per Fight Heimdall will intercede on your behalf, dash back and hold Block for 1.5 seconds to gain an infinite Duration Cruelty Buff increasing Critical Damage Rating by 300.
    --Odin’s “Oathsworn” synergy with Heimdall changes:
    Heimdall: Any buffs gained on Heimdall’s behalf have 100% more potency.

  • L_217L_217 Posts: 109 ★★
    Loki's New Kit as listed in my proposal. Putting this out there in case people don't want to read the doc.
    Base Critical Damage Rating increased by +25% Flat.
    2.8% increase Base Attack Rating
    --Mastery over Sorcery allows Loki to counteract the effects of Nullify, Stagger and Fateseal. Loki reduces the Ability Accuracy of each effect by 20% per each activation up to a maximum of 80%.
    --Loki’s Frost Giant heritage provides him Immunity to Cold Effects.
    *Loki can maintain his Stolen Buffs more securely against buff control abilities and nodes with this passive. Also, it decreases the chance of each effect by 20% altogether.
    Basic Attacks:
    --Attacks from Loki’s Scepter deal energy damage and have a 25% chance to pause all personal Buffs on Loki for 2 seconds.
    --Loki’s 3rd Light attack deals physical damage and has a 100% chance to passively Stun opponents suffering from a Curse debuff for 3 seconds. This ability has a 8 second cooldown.
    Heavy Attacks:
    --This attack deals guaranteed Critical Hits and has a 100% chance to refresh any Curse or Taunt debuff on the opponent.
    --This attack is Psychic.
    *The refresh occurs on the initial hit of the heavy attack. The psychic addition is more for flavor, but may be useful in the future.
    Dash Back and Hold Block for .5 seconds:
    --Loki inflicts the opponent with a Taunt debuff for 3.5 seconds, reducing Attack by 55% and having a 80% higher chance to activate a Special Attack. This ability has a 13 second cooldown.
    *This on command Taunt can prove useful for controlling the opponent’s power and with an aggressive playstyle can be maintained longer with Heavy Attacks.
    Illusion Magic:
    --When the opponent activates a Special Attack while Taunted, Loki gains an Illusion Passive for 4 seconds that causes the opponent to Miss all of their attacks.
    --An Illusion Passive is removed if the opponent Misses an attack.
    --Having Magic capable of even fooling Heimdall, Loki removes any Vigilance effects from Cosmic champions when Loki gains a Illusion Passive.
    *This ability allows Loki to avoid complex Special Attacks with ease.
    Stolen Buffs:
    --Loki’s Stolen buffs last for 10 seconds and hold 100% of their original potency.
    --Each time Loki steals a buff, he gains +{32}% Attack for all Energy Damage he deals up to a maximum bonus of {320}%.
    *Stack this damage up to make Loki hit harder, as the bonus affects all of his damage are akin to that of a Fury buff.
    Special Attack 1:
    --Steal all of the opponent’s Buffs and pause Curse debuffs for 4.5 seconds.
    Special Attack 2:
    --If Loki has more Health points than the Opponent, he has a 100% chance of dealing Energy Damage equal to 13% of their max Health. This damage cannot exceed 250,000 damage.
    --If the Opponent has more Health points than Loki, Curse the opponent for 12 seconds, dealing {195% of Modified Attack} Energy Damage. While Cursed, any Buff the opponent would gain is Stolen.
    --This attack is Unblockable.
    Special Attack 3:
    --Loki refreshes any Stolen Buffs and Curses the opponent for 12 seconds, dealing {195% of Modified Attack} Energy Damage. While Cursed, any Buff the opponent would gain is Stolen.
    --If the opponent is already Cursed, Loki sets his Energy Damage increase to the maximum Bonus.
    Signature Ability Change: Ascendant
    --Rising in power through Sorcery and Subterfuge, Loki generates one bar of power over {15 to 5.5} seconds as long as he is below a Bar of Power.
    --Loki increases his maximum Energy Damage bonus by {20 to 140}% Attack.
    --Stolen Buffs gain +{10 to 40%} increased potency.
    Synergy Changes:
    --Puny God with Hulk(Ragnorak): Loki gains an additional Illusion Passive when the opponent activates a Special Attack when Taunted.
    --Unending Ambition with Diablo: +35% Curse debuff duration and potency.
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