10 mill ally needs one 4,300-4,500 prestige

OutsiderguaOutsidergua Posts: 301
edited October 2017 in Alliance Recruitment
We are a 10 mill ally looking for one mature, active player.
Our group has been together for over 2 years now. Our prestige is 4,500 and we do map 5x5(no map6)
Normally put on about 100 mill AQ every week (good for two greater glory crystals most of the time)
We play tier 3 AW, and we have no set minimums for Event Quest, item usage, or SA events. Normally we rank at around 20% in all of them though, with the exception of arena events.

All we ask is for a person that moves at a good pace in AQ, and is respectful towards his/her team mates.
Feel free to contact Outsidergua in the line app. Or you can contact VTL or desert fox76 in game.



  • Imac7065Imac7065 Posts: 365
    For my fans / haters.... this is also my ally lol. Feel free to contact me for info as well.
  • GaryagGaryag Posts: 271
    Good luck in searching for players it is not easy these days
  • LovingkidLovingkid Posts: 330
    Im an above 4600 player.
    What was ur rank last AQ?
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