Need 2 members to fill out and already strong alliance!

We run 554 in AQ (210+M) and have 2 bgs in AW (gold 3). We are hoping to push for 3 bgs in AW in the next month or so and also hoping to get bg3 up to map 5!

Currently, we need 1 map 4 player who can help bump bg3 up in the near future. We also need a map 5 player who is active, we have multiple boss killers in each bg that does map 5, so all you would need to do is clear your lane in timely manner!

We have global members are accept all time zones. We use telegram for communications and although it isn't required, ALL current alliance members are on telegram and active in our group chats.

Prestige requirements - NONE!

All we ask is that you are active and responsible during AQ.

Add me:
IGN - Yodabolt~1
Telegram - Yodabolt1
Alliance OGRECON
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