Looking for decent members to swap out old ones for a fast growing alliance.

Hey guys, looking for members at least 500k+ (I might make exceptions) to join my alliance, message me if you are looking for a relaxed alliance, and you are willing to commit every now and then. Here are some of my socials if you want to message me there instead. Or you can just reply to this message with screenshots of your account, and I'll reply as soon as possible.
Discord: MightyMitch#8883
In-Game: MightyMitch (Level 59 w OR as my best)


  • laserjohn26laserjohn26 Posts: 54

    Please?! Its really hard to recrui if no one replies, so will you please do me a favour and reply? even if ur not interested, at least say that... so that I know ur not interested...

    I'm not interested. Good luck in your search though
  • The_Big_ManThe_Big_Man Posts: 43
    Thanks. It's actually reassuring even seeing people say they aren't interested, because then I know that people are actually seeing my message
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