Capiw vs cav sentry

ccrider474ccrider474 Posts: 573 ★★★
I'm doing cav explore and accidentally clicked capiw instead of fury for the sentry boss. I discovered a weird interaction happens.

Parry opening hit do a mlm combo but now sentry is stun immune. That's weird so I just assume something weird in game or I missed something about the node. After fighting this stun immune sentry, on the next pass, I read node better.

Sentry on that node becomes stun immune, when you attempt to nullify, fate seal or stagger him.

That let me work out what is happening. When capiw has 1 kinetic charge he can nullify unstoppable at the cost of 1 charge. I don't see why that interacts with sentry in any way. He doesn't have unstoppable so there is nothing for me to even attempt to nullify. Also since I'm not nullify anything I don't lose my charge so he is always unstunnable on that node.

I don't think this is a correct interaction.

For full team it was capiw, fury, shehulk, Mr fantastic and punisher 2099. Nothing from that syn team attempts to nullify, fate seal or stagger.
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