Regarding 7.2 Legends Runs, Mercs, and the Future of the Legends Program


Many of you have been patiently awaiting the results of the 7.2 Legends Runs and the prizes that come along with the titles.

In recent months, we’ve made great strides in identifying Summoners that did not play this content legitimately or had others play the content for them (commonly referred to as “using Mercs”) As a part of this, we made it very clear that the use of a VPN is not to be allowed in 7.2 Legends Runs.

However, every time we make progress in detecting this behaviour or add restrictions to uphold the fairness of the Contest, players that do not play the content in the manner that it is meant to be played find new ways to circumvent or confuse our methods.

Using 3rd Party Software and Mercs not only cheapens the skills and work that players that do not cheat put into achieving their Titles and beating difficult content; it detracts from the spirit of competition the Legends program was designed to instil.

While we can be fairly confident that we are identifying and catching all of these players, this is a manual process that takes us hundreds of hours to complete, and there are some outliers where we are suspicious that illegitimate behaviour took place, but cannot be 100% certain.

For the 7.2 Legends Run, we found many Summoners that seemed to have “taken a trip” to another area of the world, before reappearing at their original location. While we’re fairly certain that this is not the case (would be an awfully big coincidence that these many Summoners were taking trips and completing their Legends run while away), we cannot prove that this didn’t happen with 100% certainty, and cannot act on it because of this.

As a result, we are no longer confident that we can continue the Legends Program as it currently exists, and have made the difficult decision to suspend the Act-Specific Legends Run program moving forward. The Monthly Event Quest Legends Run program will continue, unchanged.

We’ve spent quite some time on the 7.2 Legends List, and are happy with where we have landed with it. We expect to have the list out soon and to reward the players that made it to the Top. In addition, we are expanding the list to 125 players.

We are exploring new ways in which we can deliver Mythic and Legends titles, as well as Wolverine (Weapon X), but do not have anything to share at this time.

We hope to be able to do a Legends Program again in the future, and are sad that we had to make a decision like this. However, when creating and running an extremely competitive program of this nature, we need to be sure that those who are playing legitimately are the ones being rewarded, and not the client of a “merc”.

Thank you for your understanding,

The MCoC Game Team
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