Champion Update Cadence Change - September 2021

Greetings Summoners,

As of September, we will be reducing the number of Champions updated every month to 2 per month.

Our goal is to maintain one overhaul per month, and then alternate between a Value Only update, and a Moderate update.

When we switched to the 3 per month schedule, we were being quite ambitious. We wanted to deliver more value to our Summoners rosters as quickly as we could, but unfortunately, it’s led to some less than desirable results.

First, this basically changed our Champion release cadence from 2 per month to 5 per month. The work required to test and balance an updated Champion is no less than a brand new Champion, and with 5 being released per month, we were experiencing some less than perfect updates. Champion Updates released with Bugs, and while bugs will happen, we (and our players) were not happy with the releases.

Secondly, the sheer volume of Updated Champions led to many of the updates being overshadowed or forgotten. The amount of conversation we’d see focussing on just one of the Champions every month, while the other 2 didn’t receive much attention leads us to our final point.

We’ve heard it from our players and feel it ourselves, some of the updates are not up to the level that Summoners had hoped. While not every Champion is meant to suddenly skyrocket to the top of the DPS charts or replace every Champion in your Roster, we feel that players are not happy with some of the updates they have received lately.

While we understand that this change will lead to fewer Champion updates per month, we believe that this will allow us to give you better quality updates every month with fewer issues.

We’ll continue to update 2 Champions per month until we come to the point where we have worked through our Moderate/Value only Champions and will need to reassess when there are only overhauls to be finished.

Thank you for your understanding,

The MCoC Team.
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