Summoner Showdown 2021

Summoners! We are delighted to share a very special message from one of your own… The famed and incomparable, Dragon!

It’s that time of the year again - the Marvel Contest of Champions Summoner Showdown has returned, and one victor will claim the title of Champion once again!

The 2021 Summoner Showdown Qualifiers are about to begin, and all Summoners should start to ready their thumbs, rosters, and theorycrafting skills. The Nameless challengers are waiting!

The next round of the qualifiers brings new challenges, new counters, and new News! Wait, new News?

That’s right!

This year all News for the Summoner Showdown will be in one place, in a continuous rolling post. No more need for multiple links, different posts, or separate announcements! All Summoner Showdown news will be coming to Summoners in a one-stop-shop!

Bookmark, copy, and save that link - it will be the location for everything Summoner Showdown 2021 related as the Qualifying weeks begin! Keep an eye out for winner announcements, statistics for each challenge week to week (anyone else want to see the return of the Summoner who uses Groot? I know I do!), and more!

Summoner Showdown Updates start here, with this very announcement! Next up? We meet our first Qualifier Challenge! Check back tomorrow at 10AM PT to find out more about Nameless King Groot, and his fearsome mix of buffs!

Keep in mind that every Summoner has only 70 attempts per Boss at the Gold Difficulty, with a 10-minute time limit on each fight. Make every attempt count!

Good luck to all Summoners hoping to compete! May your thumbs be strong, your reflexes quick, and your roster stout!


Qualifier 1: Monday August 16 @ 10AM - Saturday August 21 @ 10AM
Qualifier 2: Saturday August 21 @ 10AM - Thursday August 26 @ 10AM
Qualifier 3: Thursday August 26 @ 10AM - Tuesday August 31 @ 10AM
**All times shown in PT

Boss Buff Profiles will be shared weekly and will be available in all languages on our blog post:

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