My one year mcoc progression

This is all the progress I have made on mcoc over one year, roster wise. I have the basic mastery setup with precision and cruelty, a few points in mystic dispersion and glass cannon. Going for willpower next. I am currently uncollected and pushing to complete act 5. I have played almost every day for the year other than my 3 month break in April. Anyway, here is my roster!

(Still have a bunch more 3 and four stars but didn't think u needed to see that😂)


  • LivingAfroLivingAfro Posts: 94
    And sorry guys, no idea why the images are in a random order like that😂
  • GlassbackGlassback Posts: 250 ★★
    That three month break you took in April must have been difficult, well done fitting it in a month tho and playing nearly every day for a year for 3/4 of the year.

    Go get cav!
  • NimsKetchumNimsKetchum Posts: 59
    My advice to you will be take those mastery points out of MD. You don't need them for now.
  • SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 2,317 ★★★★★
    Honestly, I would just say your 9 month progression, both for accuracy, and that this is a more impressive roster considering you had 3/4 of that time that you actually played.

    Other than that, looks great! You definitely have some good champs that will take you far already, which is a big hurdle for some people! Now you just have to master all of the basics and get into the more advanced levels of combat.
  • manveertherealmanveerthereal Posts: 1,293 ★★★
    It took me 3-4 years to get a 6 star
  • LivingAfroLivingAfro Posts: 94
    Wow, thanks everyone for your kind words and tips, I really appreciate it😃
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