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AQ Spider-Gwen defender

How the heck can spider Gwen evade every attack I try? This is what I mean how the AI cheats! Come on kabam! You guys want to get mad when players cheat but you allow your AI to cheat us all the time… there’s no way I can evade that much when I use spider Gwen. She literally evaded every attack I did even my evaded my sp2 in the middle of it! I can’t do that when I use her! Get your morals right dang it! Or better yet live by the values you expect from us on conduct of the realm! Then with the control issues at hand and the AI being able to do what ever it pleases and is totally cheating on us. Your AI doesn’t skip a beat but get the control issues effect only. If you ask me I believe the developers planted this control issue/dex/and parry bug. But I’ll be as appropriate as I can right now. I’m really angry with how the game is being ran right now. I can’t speak for all the other angry players but i for one am ready to take my money somewhere else!


  • DarkGuardianDarkGuardian Posts: 159
    are you a perhaps a facebook conspiracy theorist?
  • Jeal79Jeal79 Posts: 442 ★★★
    Big time SGwen fan here. Maybe you aren't understanding her evade mechanic.
    Her chance to evade increases with every spider sense charge. She gains a charge every 5 hits she receives or every time she fires her sp1.

    Defender Gwen gains charges quicker than Attacker Gwen because she is being hit more often. If she's been hit 15 times and has fired an sp1 she'll be at max charge of 5 spider sense giving her 35% chance to evade incoming attacks.

    To replicate this as an attacker (assuming you aren't being hit) you have to fire four sp1s.

    Also she won't evade if you are holding block which I'd assume you will often to as you attempt parries etc.

    That's why you are seeing a difference
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