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Tier 9 AW - 3 minute fights and 5 minute fights

World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 3,644 ★★★★★
edited August 2021 in General Discussion
Until this year, my last war was before seasons started so I’m not really up to date on everything relating to AW.

Last night , I fought a handful of fights including the boss and noticed that different nodes had different fight timers.

Node 48 had a 5 minute timer
The boss node 52 had a 3 minute timer

I noticed node 22 also had a 3 minute timer but forgot to take note of node 23 and other boss island fights.

I went into that boss fight and when i saw the 3 minute timer , I was taken back . Didn’t have time to stop and record otherwise I prob would’ve timed out.

So…… Is this how it’s supposed to be? This doesn’t seem right. I tried searching these forums for info on this but couldn’t find an answer. Any help would be appreciated.


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    KnightZeroKnightZero Posts: 1,431 ★★★★★
    Yeah I timed out with my Alt in T8 war against the boss. Didn't think to boost since I though I had 5 minutes
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