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Timeline is uncertain.
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Finding/Winning Higher Ranking & Leveling Pieces

This ‘Question’ has several parts but all related, IMHO.
I’ll start with is the Daily Quest Expert Proving Grounds A) worth playing & B)what can one reasonably expect to win to what can one potentially win (as if the stars are aligned and all that).
Finally, where can one find/get/win/(?) ‘Unobtainium’ Pieces used for higher Rankings/Levelings (as in Pieces like Tier 1 & 2 (3? Higher? Showing ignorance here but probably been showing it from second or third word :) ) Alpha Catalysts, Tier 4 Basic Catalysts, Tier 4 Catalysts of differing Classes, Glory Crystals, and so on), especially for higher ‘Star’ Characters, as in 4* & 5* Characters.
Any help, ANY HELP, will be greatly appreciated as have a number of Characters, one 5* R1/L25 & 15 to 20 4* R3/L30 Characters who have been patiently waiting months (meanwhile Characters accruing, Rank/Leveling accruing on those Characters, and days accruing with no difference in Characters Rank or Level once reach that ‘point’ in need of what never have or seem to get, ESPECIALLY in volume (@ this pt 2-3 would be in volume to me).
Thank you for any suggestions (answers, thoughts on, other places/sites check for answers, etc) you may provide to a no hair left to pull out, not that there was much to begin with, player of M:CoC.
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