Storm (Classic) Rework Concept

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Like many people on these forums, I try my luck coming up with ways to improve current champions. I have some more Concepts that I wanted to share but I wanted to see how this one went over first. The only downside is I don't have the signature ability figured out or any new synergies to go along with it so any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

Storm (Classic)

(To both improve, update and differentiate OG Storm, I decided to change up her specials showcasing different aspects of weather that we haven't seen, including adding a new passive mechanic: Fog.)

New Heavy Attack animation:
Storm focuses a rotating ball of wind launching the opponent back. This is Unblockable against skill champions.


•Being the Mistress of the elements, Storm has increased resistance to shock and cold snap attacks, reducing their efficacy by up to 70%

(Storm herself isn't immune to the effects of weather, however years of training and experience has made her more resilient to their effects, plus it's a nice way to utilize willpower!)

•Every 20 seconds, Storm will cover the arena with dense fog for 10 seconds, decreasing opponent's ability accuracy by 50%

-The opponent's decreased visibility increases Storm's Critical Hits by a flat 500 points.

-Fog will only be removed when the timer expires or when Storm is knocked down by either a Heavy or Special Attack.

(So adding this mechanic really is a difference-maker for Storm, with it, not only is she reducing ability accuracy from the opponents but it's going to increase her crits and give all of her special attacks a bonus bump by either increasing the damage given or adding a secondary effect, giving her some solid utility.)

(And before I forget since I know this will probably come up, visually you'll just see a mild haze in comparison to the "dense fog" that they're struggling through. That way it'll help you dodge attacks or even try to intercept.)
Sp1: Twister Toss
(new animation shows a tornado enveloping the opponent rotating them rapidly and then knocks them back.)

"Storm unleashes the power of an F1 tornado confusing and disorienting her opponents while they suffer bleeds from the rotating shrapnel."

Opponents are stunned for 5 seconds while suffering from 3 Bleed debuffs, each inflicting up to 900 damage over 10 seconds.

-If opponents are bleed immune, they suffer 3 armor breaks dealing equal damage instead.

*If fog is active, increase number of bleeds/ armor breaks to 5*
SP2: Electrical Storm
"Storm taps into one of the most primal destructive powers of all by unleashing the power of lightning."

Opponents are stunned and suffer Shock damage dealing 1500 energy damage over 10 seconds. If the opponent purifies the shock, they are dealt instant energy damage instead.

*If fog is active while in use, gain 1 additional shock.*
SP3: Category 5 Hurricane:

Opponents are stunned for 15 seconds, increasing Storm's Attack rating by 1100 for this duration. In addition the opponent suffers an armor shatter for 10 seconds.

*If fog is active, each critical hit will deal a shock dealing 400 Energy damage over 10 Seconds. *

Signature Ability: TBD


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