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How are all finding the game and compensations at the moment

slayer6slayer6 Posts: 359 ★★
edited August 2021 in General Discussion
Between parry issues and now stopping hitting mid combo issues and getting smacked in the face how is everyone finding clearing aw/aq and content?
And thoughts on compensations, map crystals are abit useless for a lot of higher up guys as we have stashes with 100s of t4 full crystals and 1000s of shards for t4 crystals.
I’m intrigued to see how others are finding things.
A lot seem to be quitting as its abit much


  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 14,694 ★★★★★

    Game works perfectly well for me.

    I’m afraid to say this at risk of jinxing myself.
    That being said, something goes wrong in a quest? Parry/Dex bug, not my lack of skill!
  • slayer6slayer6 Posts: 359 ★★
    @SpideyFunko hope ya don’t jinx yourself lol
  • GOTGGOTG Posts: 853 ★★★★
    slayer6 said:

    Funny how all the big tubers and everyone in every alliance I know of is having mass issues

    All youtubers I know and my alliance don't seem to have any issues.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 14,694 ★★★★★
    slayer6 said:

    And aint my skill lvl ive 100% summer of pain finale, but dropping combos and stops after first medium or after first light attack, and many vids have circulated of parry issue and kabam have said there is one so I don’t see your argument @Demonzfyre ? Its def an issue just seeing who’s struggling most with it

    I didn't make an argument.... You said you were intrigued to know "how others were finding things". I just said the game works just fine for me.

    I agreed with Spideyfunko in saying of if I die in a quest, then it's the big and not my sku.
  • slayer6slayer6 Posts: 359 ★★
    Lmao @OGAvenger busy man you must be an very sociable and have massive knowledge of many languages
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,671 ★★★★★
    slayer6 said:

    @ Demonzfyre serious none at all through in the kabam time they have acknowledged it?

    Many people aren't facing any significant issues. I too didn't face anything significant untill the last two weeks where lag and parry drops frequently.
  • slayer6slayer6 Posts: 359 ★★
    @The_Sentry06 same I was getting minor issues maybe 1 in 10-15 fights then last update seems to have gotta 10x worse near every fight
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 29,284 ★★★★★
    GagoH said:

    The problem is these Posts are redundant. We know there are problems. They're working on them as fast as they can. It's not as if they want the game to be bugged.

    But whats the point of working on them if they’ll get fixed after the sop event is already over? Hence why it should be extended
    That entirely depends on when they have a fix. If there was one, they would push it. Otherwise they're still working on it. Do they extend it week after week until they have a fix? Some things are running on a time schedule, and some things don't have a definite timeline.
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,671 ★★★★★

    slayer6 said:

    @GroundedWisdom I disagree if games broken people can’t do content properly and run out of resources and in a lot of cases spend money to clear as stuff is on a timeline so either you buy in some cases or miss rewards, i dont see how this doesn’t make them money?

    Cuz a lot people get frustrated and leave? That hurts Kabam more in the long term than anything else.
    Plus, they anyways have to compensate everyone soon with a big package. That's hundred's of dollars worth of items that has to be sent just like that to every account in-game. That means that revive and potion purchases will be even less after that cuz everyone's stocked up on them.
  • Sean_WhoSean_Who Posts: 297 ★★★
    Seems better at times; certain maps or content, maybe champions tend to be worse than others at times.

    Haven't noticed a pattern or any sorts. Finished exploring 7.1 and feel like it cost me ~6/7 revives more due to game-issues that it should have -- mainly getting clipped when dexing, some missed parries also.

    Grandmaster was worse for me, called it on 3 paths because too many mistakes that seemed beyond my control (compared to clearing in act 6). That hurts because part of me thinks it's something I could/should have completed with the resources I had saved.

    TLDR: Better than pre-'fix'; still some frustrating issues at times.
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