Add the ability to merge your champs.

In the transformers forged to fight, there is a function to forge your weaker bots into your stronger bots which adds attack and health to that bot. I don't like that we are now forced to keep champions that we don't want. I have classic iron man from 1-6* and I know I will never use any of them but if I could forge my 1-5*'s into my 6* to increase his atk/def/health then maybe I would give him a go.

Add the ability to merge your champs. 23 votes

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  • Thanos1149Thanos1149 Posts: 1,130 ★★★
    No this is really bad idea for many reasons. 1. It could give an unfair advantage to some people since they could just get a 6 star just because they have lower rarities. There might be few scenarios where you might regret “merging” your champs because it would require a lot of ISO and rare catalysts which you cannot get at the moment. This should never be implemented
  • RicitonRiciton Posts: 88
    I don't see how you may gain an advantage from this other than your beginner game champions that are in end game format may get some use. Some champions only need a value buff such as Dormammu, merging your champions into him would give him the attack value he really needs. Almost all of my champs that are 4* or lower are still rank 1 level 1 because I can't justify the resources for them. These "challenges" requiring low tier champs are just long and tedious, who really wants to use a 4* starlord to go through labyrinth of legends? Of my 8 6* champions only 2 of them get any use because they're not good champs and I've gone through a lot of hassle to get them. With this feature then kabam would no longer have to worry about value buffs to champions and could then focus on the champions that really need some work done. I'm just spit balling some ideas because I, like many others don't like that I have to keep champions that I know I will never use.
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