AOU Vision Still Bugged

I'm making this post to find out if it's only me that AOU Vision is still not power draining when firing off specials at times. I notice this more with special 2 than special 1. Please let me know if anyone else is still having this issue. Thanks ahead of time


  • KocheeseKocheese Posts: 391 ★★
    Strange, mine is perfect.... Android, not on Oreo tho. Custom room lg v20
  • Vision_41Vision_41 Posts: 721
    Interesting, haven't gotten this problem, but hope that it gets fixed soon!
  • RedRoosterRedRooster Posts: 337 ★★
    Same for me. SP2 often doesn't drain, SP1 seems to be draining reliably.

    IOS 10.3.3
    MCOC 15.1.2
  • Dmack976637Dmack976637 Posts: 69
    I am running IOS 11. It might just be an iPhone issue.
  • Running him in Rttl currently, hes working 100%. playing on iPhone 6s (iOS 11)
  • CihagCihag Posts: 279
    I have no issues with the power drain (unless fighting magneto or Antman, obviously...) However it is the power steal part, that occasionally does not work... Meaning my power meter does not increase when landing a special... Especially annoying when you want to keep the opponent from using his specials at all...

    Same goes with the power reserve node in 5.3... I want to stun-lock the opponent with Ronan, but about 10-15% of the times, after using the special, I don’t get 50% of the power back...

    Running latest iOS 11 on iPhone 8...
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