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The timing issues nearly always occur between 3rd and 4th hit

Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 2,004 ★★★★
I’ve put this in the iOS gameplay thread, but since they never respond or acknowledge anything in there I thought I would post out here in case other people are facing the same problem,(ie please comment and maybe techs will look into it if it is happening to others) I’ve been hit really bad with the dex and parry bug, I’m on an iPhone 8 so it’s pretty old and probably more susceptible. I’ve pinpointed a minor control issue that I haven’t seen people comment on so in the interest of helping them squash bugs I thought I’d put it out here. ios latest, iPhone 8 latest game update always, the last 2 months of dex parry bug also basically have a bug on the 4th hit in your combo, after third hit sometimes it drops and just does nothing then a second later it will try to punch (almost always too late as you are being hit before you complete your punch motion), or charges heavy, (these I’ve seen comments on) but another thing I’ve noticed and tested the last two weeks, specifically if a defender evades the third hit of your combo you can’t stop the 4th hit, it’s like it’s preloaded, there is clearly a problem with the timing between the third and 4th hit of the combo
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