Labyrinth of Legends Spotlight

The maxim of the Realm of Legends is “Beyond Hope”. When The Collector first created The Realm of Legends, his intention was for no Summoner to be able to make their way through it. It was months before the first Summoner was able to claim victory over The Champions of The Realm of Legends. Since then, Summoners have discovered new strategies, acquired stronger and stronger Champions, and have become more powerful than The Collector ever imagined possible, enabling thousands to traverse through The Realm.

Now, the Grandmaster has taken it upon himself to surpass the Realm of Legends by building a challenge that is truly “Beyond All Hope”.

Presenting… The Labyrinth of Legends!

Before we start the introduction to The Labyrinth, we want to make it abundantly clear that this is by far the most difficult content that has ever been introduced to the Battlerealm, but also the most rewarding. When the original Realm of Legends was introduced, it was 149 days before the first Summoner (BrutalDLX) was able to conquer the challenge - and the goal for Labyrinth is the same, to create a challenge that Summoners can grow into over time. We have created this challenge that we believe should be nearly impossible for Summoners to defeat at the present time.

Seriously, we’re not joking about the difficulty. We’re talking about super-buffed, max-sig 5-star Champions with 300k+ PI and HP in the millions. Actually, the PI doesn’t even matter. The numbers are so big that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. You’re basically challenging gods. But if you can make it through the Labyrinth to the other side, great rewards await you.

Still with us? Okay good, here are some details:

Road to the Labyrinth
Before you can start the Labyrinth of Legends, you must follow the Road to the Labyrinth.The Road to the Labyrinth is a series of increasingly difficult quests to test the strength of Summoners who wish to challenge the Labyrinth. You must be at least Level 12 to enter - but expect the difficulty to increase quite quickly. If you cannot defeat them, you’re not ready to enter - but if you are capable, the Labyrinth of Legends will be unlocked. Let the road be your gauge.


Chapter 1
6x Tier 2 Generic ISO
5x Tier 3 Generic ISO
45x Units
145x 3-Star Hero Crystal Shards
2x 2-Star Hero Crystal
250x Premium Hero Crystal Shards

Chapter 2
13x Tier 3 Generic ISO
75x Units
605x 3-Star Hero Crystal Shards
1750x Premium Hero Crystal Shards

Chapter 3
6x Tier 3 Generic ISO
11x Tier 4 Generic ISO
105x Units
75x 4-Star Hero Crystal Shards
3x Premium Hero Crystals
1250x 3-Star Hero Crystal Shards
1x Tier 3 Class Catalyst Crystal
2x 3-Star Awakening Gems
12000x Tier 4 Generic Catalyst Fragments

Chapter 4
24x Tier 3 Generic ISO
12x Tier 4 Generic ISO
135x Units
675x 4-Star Hero Crystal Shards
1x 3-Star Hero Crystals
1x Tier 3 Class Catalyst Crystal
2x Tier 4 Generic Catalyst
24000x T4B Catalyst Fragments

Act Rewards
1350x 4-Star Hero Crystal Shards
1000x 5-Star Hero Crystal Shards
1x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal
1x 4-Star Awakening Gem Crystal
Access to Labyrinth of Legends

Labyrinth of Legends

Once you’ve made it past The Road, the Labyrinth awaits. To enter, not only must you have made it past The Road to the Labyrinth, you must also be at least Level 40. If you meet these two criteria, you are now ready to enter the Labyrinth of Legends.

The Labyrinth is not like the Realm of Legends. It features multiple paths, two unique global buffs, a unique map experience, and a custom theme for both the Labyrinth and the Road.

Two Global buffs enabled for all bosses:

Buff: Mark of the Labyrinth
Chance to Stun Opponents on hit
Chance to Evade when attacked
Third Special Attack unlocked and damage increased!
Opponents can only do up to 50,000 damage in a single attack.
Attack increased at start of fight based on Opponent Health

Enrage timer at start of fight
The stronger the Opponent, the longer the timer
When timer expires, boss gets a boost to Attack, Ability Accuracy, Crit Damage, Crit Rate and second timer starts.
When second timer ends, even greater boosts are enabled.

In addition to these buffs, certain bosses have additional abilities unique to that battle. (Look out for the “Enigmatic” ability for more details - while the name might be the same the effect will be different for each boss.) Some paths are more likely to have “Enigmatic” bosses.

Labyrinth Map:
Camera View locked - super close view. (Not a bug, the view is intentional.)
Many paths, and built to be intentionally obscure.
New map theme (The Labyrinth)
New fighting level (The Galactorum)

Every Completion (Labyrinth Chest)
5x Basic Hero (Random of 4-Star Cyclops (New Xavier School), Rhino, or Ronan. E.g. 5x Basic Cyclops, or 5x Basic Rhino)

1st Time Completion
15000x 5-Star Shards
4x Tier 2 Alpha Catalysts
1x 5-Star Awakening Crystal
6x Tier 4 Class Catalysts (1/ea Class)

100% Completion
5-Star Ultron (Classic)
8x Tier 2 Alpha Catalysts
1x 5-Star Awakening Gem
100x 5-Star Signature Stone Crystals
45000x 5-Star Shards
18x T4 Class Catalysts (3/ea Class)

In addition, there are ambushes that will award additional prizes, provided you are able to defeat the Final Boss and complete the map.

Labyrinth Legends Prizes:
The first 20 to 100% complete the Labyrinth will get a duped 4* Thanos (2x 4-Star Thanos).
The first 300 to 100% complete the Labyrinth will earn a Legends title.
The first 300 to 100% complete the Labyrinth will also get a 4* Kang.
The first 300 will also get Legends points, as detailed in the Legends Leaderboard section below.

Realm of Legends
Our original plan with Realm of Legends was to replace it with the Labyrinth. It was built before masteries and 5-Star champions - and never intended to be defeated easily. However, we do recognize that many players still wish to attempt the original Realm so we will be adjusting the rewards a little bit in order to keep it in the game. The completion/mastery reward will remain the same but the boss reward will be changed to a chance of a Level 3 Health Potion or Level 3 Team Health Potion (previously a Level 1 Revive). (Updated 8/17/2016)

Legends Points
As you may know, we will soon be launching a Legends Leaderboard. Players will be awarded points for each Legends Event they are awarded a Legends Title from. To commemorate the sheer difficulty of the mode, the points that will be awarded for Legends Titles obtained from the Labyrinth of Legends will be the biggest point sums we are currently offering.

Labyrinth of Legends - Legends Points
#1 300 Points
Top 20 250 Points
Top 100 100 Points
Top 200 75 Points
Top 300 50 Points
10,000 Labyrinth Points 40 Points

(Note: The Top 300 are not cumulative - e.g. #1 for Labyrinth gets 300 points not 300+250+100+75+50 points. However, the 10,000 Labyrinth Points are additional - so the maximum you can earn from the Labyrinth is 340 Legend Points. Placing 150th and earning 10,000 points would give you a total of 115 points (75 + 40).

We’re also happy to announce that the Legends Leaderboard will launch on August 17th. More details can be found here:

Grandmaster’s Vow

It should go without saying that using any nefarious exploits to cheat in the Grandmaster’s Labyrinth will be dealt with most swiftly. All those who complete the Labyrinth will be closely reviewed to ensure their legitimacy before any Legends prizes are awarded. The Grandmaster is not one for second chances, and will banish forever those who would attempt to break the rules of his Labyrinth.


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