My Corvusless, Aegonless Close Quarters Challenge Experience

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Ok I am making this post partially for advise and partially to give fellow people who don’t have Corvus or Aegon hope in this challenge. I am one of the few people who did this challenge without Corvus, Aegon, or Herc so I’m gonna share my experience here. Also apologies for any spelling/grammar errors I am writing this on my phone so there will probably be quite a few

The team:

The team for this challenge was kinda weird. The full team was

5/65 Killmonger
Sig 200 r5 Namor
6* r1 OGBP
5* r1 OGBP (synergies)
5* r1 BPCW (synergies)

The main champ I used was Killmonger. I used him for She hulk, Negative, and Tigra but Namor and OGBP were also very valuable to the run.

The strategy:

Ok so as said above I used Killmonger for she hulk. It’s a pretty easy fight. Parry freely and just throw the sp2 as soon as you get it. Very simple and I actually used this fight to fully heal my Killmonger multiple times

The next fight is sunspot. For this fight I used Namor and actually solo’d it every time very easily (he is the best option next to Corvus for this fight imo). Basically the strategy is you want to play normally until sunspot has about 6-7 flare states. Don’t worry too much about no retreat damage since Namor will reflect it and don’t throw anything but sp1’s due to backblast. Anyways once he has 6-7 flare states push him to the sp2. Avoid the first 3 hits but after the third hit right before he does the dunk thing, dash in and start comboing him. Then once he does the last hit Namor will reflect the damage from the sp2 and instantly do 800k+ damage to sunspot killing him right away. Pretty easy and makes this hard fight relatively simple.

Anyways next up is hit monkey. I actually used OGBP for him but KM also does it very well. I would like to shout out Buddy Lee for this one since his guide on doing this fight with OGBP helped a ton. Check that out if your doing this fight with him (he doesn’t need the dupe since Killmonger synergy gives true strike). Anyways if you are doing this with Killmonger the strat is gonna be simple to what I describe for the following fights just make sure to know him down to remove the protection (you can do this because indestructible charges)

Next up is mr negative and tigra. The strat for them is pretty similar the only difference is don’t parry negative and you can actually parry tigra’s mediums a few times when you don’t have indestructible charges since her mediums do very low damage. Anyways the rotation I used was basically 1 sp2 and then sp3 with Killmonger once I had 15 bleed charges. Make sure you are hitting into the opponent’s block as you throw the sp3. This will give it the extra 300% attack from invade and it will deal insane damage. And if the first sp3 doesn’t kill you can ramp back up to another one due to the black panther synergies.

And finally the boss Shang chi. If I am being honest I basically unitmanned this one. I used Namor because he could usually get 20-25% damage off before dying and just revived him with 20% revives every single time I died. Healing isn’t really necessary here if your using Namor. Anyways just throw sp1’s when the encroaching stun timer goes off and once you hit imperious rex spam specials and get as much damage off as you can before you die form encroaching stun.

Item usage:

This run was actually pretty cheap. I used around 12 single champ revives and a team revive. I also used a handful of potions from compensation to heal up for the harder fights. But it really wasn’t too bad. However I consider myself to be a very skilled player so it might take more revives for others with the same strategy. I advise having around 30 revives just to be safe


I should throw in here that I was not using scuicides and I had 5/5 deep wounds while doing this. It could be harder if you did not have deep wounds

Overall reflection:

I think that a Killmonger run is worth it for this challenge. It is around as expensive as an aegon run and he is a really good option for this. I would advise others to use this strategy if you don’t have aegon or Corvus but if you don’t think you can do this in <30 revives don’t do it. The rewards aren’t that crazy. Anyways this was my experience with this challenge and I hope others can do as well as I did. Cya!


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    BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,255 ★★★★★
    Nice work with the run and the write up!

    Hopefully this puts to bed some of the complaints that you can only use Corvus or Aegon, or that nobody does enough damage hitting through block
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    RicitonRiciton Posts: 106
    This is exactly the info I was looking for, thank you.
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    BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 9,255 ★★★★★

    Nice work with the run and the write up!

    Hopefully this puts to bed some of the complaints that you can only use Corvus or Aegon, or that nobody does enough damage hitting through block

    I was actually one of those people lol. However I still think that this is poorly designed. Just a bit too restrictive and difficult for the rewards
    Fair enough, I won’t argue on poorly designed, since enjoyment is subjective. Nor on too difficult on the rewards, since value is subjective too. But I don’t think it’s too restrictive on champions you can use (assuming that’s what you mean), it’s just restrictive on playstyle. Taking away blocking has always been something that stirs up the community, I feel like it’s something a lot of people rely on too much.

    Close encounters encourages you to play it slow, delay a combo, hit into their block a bit, use champions with long stuns and just stand next to the opponent. If you’re losing health while baiting out specials, bring a taunt champion. The two main challenges are don’t block, and stay close. Anyone can stay close to the opponent, some can make it easier.

    There is so much in this challenge that encourages you to improve your skill as a player. I just feel like some are used to act 7 level fights, and this is just an utterly different design philosophy.

    If you enjoy those act 7 fights, wonderful, but it doesn’t mean content is too hard just because some can’t do it. I enjoy this level of challenge in a fight, so I’m happy it’s here.
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    SirGamesBondSirGamesBond Posts: 4,337 ★★★★★
    Tldr but congrats
    Kudos for Great efforts skilled guy.
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    DrZolaDrZola Posts: 8,610 ★★★★★
    I actually tested the Namor/Sunspot Sp2 maneuver.

    It works. I blinked because I fully expected my Namor to be the champ KO’d, but he wasn’t.

    Cool discovery.

    Dr. Zola
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