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Hi everyone. I am currently in 5.4.2 and am pushing to complete act 5. Which champions should I focus on ranking up to help me with the bosses and into 6.1? Any help and other tips would be much appreciated. Here is my roster:

(NF is rank 5 and I am busy levelling him up)
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    Well if beating 6.1 is your goal, then you should focus on 5* and above champs (since you can't take 4* and below into act 6). I don't think you need to make any special rank-ups to beat Act 5. Roster looks solid for that.

    6* Hulk Ragnarok, Nick Fury (finish leveling him), Ghost, Guillotine 2099, Hyperion, and Sorceror Supreme would be my picks. Guardian, CapIW, Angela, and Namor aren't mentioned because I firmly believe they are basically different characters when awakened and even more so when high sig level.

    Ragnarok's Face Me mechanic could provide a nice safety net for the degen in 6.1.1. Ghost and Guillotine 2099 are just workhorses and counter a lot of problem areas that you may face. Guillotine 2099 can easily take out the Crossbones and Sentinel that people may struggle with. Hyperion is just an all-around amazing champ to invest in. Sorceror Supreme is a good rank-up for future act 6 stuff and she is just great in general.
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    @TheLegend27 Wow, thanks bro for your detailed response! It really helped me! NF is now completely maxed out and he absolutely shredded in 5.4.2. I completely soloed the quest with him so I don't think I should have too much of a problem for the rest of act 5. Thanks again!
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    To add onto @TheLegend27 - Face Me will also provide you a safety net against Mephisto’s Incinerate Aura
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