Sasquatch's SP3 is broken, and means he can't be used as intended

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As we all know, Sasquatch was designed (by Kabam Broccoli) as a relentless beat-em-up champion who can cause huge Damage.

He's got what sounds like a minor Power Drain ability that's actually key to his entire playstyle, as: during his Wrath of Tanaraq (WoT) phase, Sassy gets a big boost to his Combat Power, and throws a lot of Special Attacks. Obviously this gives the opponent loads of Power, but fortunately, during Wrath, his Special Attacks should drain 5% of the opponent's Power to keep them off their own (hugely damaging) SP3. Like Dr Doom, it's a high-risk form of Power Control that relies on keeping your opponent at a high level of power. Sasquatch's is particularly dangerous to use, as it only works if you're already in WoT, and if you've pushed your opponent to their SP3 before throwing your Special Attack. But if you use it right, you can use this ability to throw Specials relatively safely at an opponent you're tearing to shreds.

Except that, right now, you can't... It doesn't work on his SP3, although it does work on his other Special Attacks. But that's a fairly large problem for Sasquatch, whose Combat Power Gain helps him throw a load of Specials. It's what he was designed to do.

This Gif shows the ability failing on Sassy's SP3 (in Variant 5, where I've been using him a lot lately):

Here's the full YouTube version:

Here's Sassy's ability from his Spotlight:


  • No worries about the Opponent’s Special 3

  • During Wrath of Tanaraq Sasquatch’s Special and Heavy Attacks are Unstoppable, grant the Opponent less Power and will cause Power Drain if the Opponent is at Special 3! Even though Sasquatch is best played very aggressively he will never need to worry about pushing too far with this ability active!
Wrath of Tanaraq:
  • While the Opponent has 3 full Bars of Power, Special and Heavy Attacks will Power Drain 5% of their max Power.
So that's it: Sasquatch can't be used the way he was designed to be used right now, because his SP3 Power Drain fails, turning a fun "high risk/high reward" strategy into a less-appealing "certain death" strategy 😬.

In case it's relevant, I'm on a Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G, running Android 11 RKQ1.200826.002

Thanks all.


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    I'm just revisiting this thread, as it's been four months but this bug never got any kind of response, and hasn't made its way into the Known Issues thread.

    I've tried in various Event Quests and Variants (where massive Combat Power Gain for the defender is a recurring problem that Sasquatch ought to be able to manage.

    He can't: Push the opponent to SP3 when you've got three bars of Power yourself, and it's game over. It doesn't matter if you're already in Wrath or not at the time you throw your own SP3; the Power Drain doesn't take effect.

    Can anyone else out there test this on a different device/different opponents and confirm this bug? Or demonstrate if it doesn't affect iOS devices, or maybe that I'm just wrong...

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    Very interesting, good write up :smile:
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    Hopes and prayers
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    Great spot. I wonder if they will acknowledge it and if they do, whether it will be fixed in line with;
    1. Kamala, or;
    2. Moleman

    @Kabam Jax is there any chance of a "looking into it"?
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