LF1 solid map5 lane clearer, 250mill AQ and 1 Bg wars. Relaxed crew, Line for comms


We are looking for 1 active Map5 lane clearer. We have 1 group that is assigned lanes and the other 2 are free for all. We hit 250mill AQ score and we aren’t too worried about prestige so long as you can clear your lanes without too much trouble or item use. The ally sits at around 10k currently.
We only run Master and Heroic mods also.

Currently 1 BG wars and staying around Silver 2. Pick a lane and stick to it, minimum item use and just do your best.

Line for comms, relaxed crew, normal banter and jokes.

We aren’t to worried about times zone but would prefer if you can join within a few hours of AQ start to keep things moving.

My line and ingame is twistedcowgirl
Or you can contact cmanolete

Many Thanks

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