Who to R5

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I'm about to be able to R5 my first character. Who should I pick from the following

Who to R5 21 votes

Scarlet Witch (duped)
Darkmagic1991Newbot2310RotellybuttersTopRanked_2Barry_Allen007WabziHellstorm_ 8 votes
Doctor Voodoo (not duped)
Noob_2yrsZzzMr_mc_person34Drewbe14 4 votes
Hyperion (not duped)
StefffSpity68Raatrey92008VartoxTROUBL3D 6 votes
Ultron (not duped)
DarkestDestroyerXillymanBUZZdog3000 3 votes


  • ForumGuyForumGuy Posts: 285
    hm, could you awaken Voodoo? His abilities are beyond everyone there(doesn't beat hyperion in damage though).
    I'd say Voodoo only if you can awaken him, if not than rank hyperion up. Duped or not, he's a beast.

    Sw is too luck based, voodoo can do what she can do but with less risk.
  • R4GER4GE Posts: 1,530
    Im leaning towards Voodoo. But if SW is of a very high sig level than she could be a good option, pending what content you have left in the game to complete.
  • Scarlet Witch (duped)
    Scarlet all the way.
    She basically walked thru the Goldblum challenge for me last night.
  • Ultron (not duped)
    Ultron, SW is only decent when she wants to be.

    You will encounter tons of nodes that only Ultron is good for, caltrops, bleed, poison.

    Yes other champs can do the same but out of your choices you gotta do Ultron mate, plus his regen!
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