7.3 completion done

QfuryQfury Posts: 1,859 ★★★★★
Took the selective timestream path.
R3 torch
R2 bwcv
Path was itemless

Now on to Kang:
I have the skill of a literal potato.. no lie
So took me 6 revives to get the hang of it.. dodging specials & managing power meter etc.
But honestly it wasn't bad at all, really enjoyed it in the end.

Took mystic
Pulled science
Got mutant 1-2
And popped a featured in the hopes for either

Ended up with Spiderman 2099.. don't know enough about him so win 🤷‍♂️

*P.s also had suicides on the whole time, used nf/dpxf synergy to keep topped up*


  • odishika123odishika123 Posts: 5,301 ★★★★★
    Get am a rotten mashed potato then
    He sucks ma revives out of me....
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 2,083 ★★★★★
    I used three team revives and maybe five regular ones, so I disagree with your evaluation regarding your skill. However, congrats on beating 7.3. I agree that Kang was a fun fight. Tricky for sure, but not as punishing as Grand- or Gwenmaster and without the need to have a walkthrough sitting beside you to keep track of all of the phases.
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