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Impossible Man Kit Proposal

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Signature Ability - Sore Loser:
Gain an indestructible, unstoppable, and unblockable buff for 90 seconds after activating a special 3 attack with 6 or more Omni charges (only 1 activation per fight, 3 activations per quest)

Impy is fully immune to the poisons of the battlerealm
Due to his mastery of pranks throughout the cosmos, Impy is immune to any form of power manipulation
Impy is fully immune to nullification, staggers, and any other form of buff prevention

Omni Charge - Persistent Charge - Max 8:
Gain a power gain buff per charge granting 10% of max power over 10 seconds at the beginning of the fight
12.5% chance per charge to gain an indefinite fury buff granting +19630 attack
Impy starts the quest with 2 charges which persist between fights. He gains 1 Omni charge per fight when the last hit used to knock out the opponent is a heavy attack
These buffs can be applied as well to #flying or #villain of the contest champions at the cost of one charge per buff (maximum of 3)

Impy’s changes appearance and becomes his opponent (in appearance only) for the rest of the fight after the activation of special attack - 1
After single activation of special attack - 1, Impy is power locked from throwing his special attack - 1 for the remainder of the fight

When entering a fight against a mystic opponent lose 2 Omni Charges

When Charging A Heavy Attack:
All buffs on Impy are paused for the duration of the heavy attack animation
Plasma debuffs are refreshed with the activation of this attack

Special Attack - 1:
On activation, Impy gains 1 Omni Charge at the expense of 25% percent of his health drained over 5 seconds

Special Attack - 2:
Consumes 1 Omni Charge in exchange for a fury buff granting +1963 attack
If activated when a fury buff is already present, consume 1 Omni Charge in exchange for 1 armor up buff granting +1500 armor rating

Special Attack - 3:
100% chance to instantly inflict a Rupture Passive that deals 10543 damage over 10 seconds

ENEMIES: All Champions gain +[85, 115, 155] Critical Rating
Doctor Doom
Kitty Pryde
Silver Surfer
Rupture Rumble: All Champions rupture debuff durations are increased by +5 seconds
Spider-Man 2099
Impossible Man: Special Attack - 2 inflicts an armor break debuff reducing Armor by 500 for 12 seconds
Human Torch: Special Attack - 2 stun lasts 5 seconds longer
Mr. Fantastic: Special Attack - 2 inflicts an indefinite disorient debuff reducing enemy ability accuracy by 50% and block proficiency by 50%
Impossible Man: All of Impossible Man’s special attacks are unblockable on first activation in a fight
The Thing: On activation of Special Attack - 3, Thing inflicts 10 rupture debuffs dealing 15000 damage over 20 seconds however Thing cannot activate protection for the remainder of the fight
SERIAL REPRODUCTION: All Champions gain +50% fury buff potency
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