Join our Gold 1, AQ Map 6/7 Alliance

Man_BatMan_Bat Posts: 327 ★★
LO-Xa is part of the LO-X family of alliances. We're looking for the right player to join us after war season rewards are out tomorrow.

We're a bunch of studly nerds who spend too much time talking about game minutiae. We have a strong focus on finishing what we start (AW and AQ), helping each other out, and having fun doing it. Most of us have played with others in the alliance for years so there's a strong camaraderie and sense of belonging.

We're a Gold 1 AW alliance that will be pushing for P4. We run Maps 6 & 7 in AQ to give our players some choice and flexibility, usually ending top 500. We will probably experiment with Map 8 when it drops and see how it goes.

We're looking for someone with a strong, diverse roster, 11.5k+ prestige, and a sense of humour. North American time zones are preferred.

Line: Man-Bat
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