T1A and T4B scarcity

We all have that one time in the game where we are overflowing with t1a and t4b, but then there's that other time where we can barely scrape together enough to rank 2 a 5*. I understand that you can get a decent amount from monthly event quests and side quests, however, it is barely enough to rank up a few new champs. You need sooo much t1a and t4b to literally take a 5* to rank 2, it is quite ridiculous. I just got cav and have many 5 stars that I want to level up in order to help me progress through act 6. I get enough 4* shards to get iso and gain enough gold, but I never seem to have enough catalysts. I am simply asking to reduce the amount of t1a ad t4b to rank up 5*s. Doesn't have to be by a lot, but every small bit helps. Also, tips on how to obtain these resources would be much appreciated as well because I am very likely unaware of some places to get them. I would love to hear your feedback!


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