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Nebula vs mags bug

I can't see why nebula stacks go insane vs magneto.

I'm pretty sure it's bugged as I see absolutely nothing in her bio that explains this interaction of her charges flying up.



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    Seems like you held onto Magneto's first Heavy until right as the Parry wears off.
    Wonder if Nebula had started to block instantly right after the Parry, right when you released the Heavy onto her (visually didn’t see her start to block, but maybe was too short of time to visually see it ?)

    And that somehow caused her to get permanently stuck in her “building up charges” state, even after the heavy and play continued and not blocking ?

    Have you tried Heavy'ing her when she is actually in a normal blocking position (not right coming off from a Parry) ?
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    ccrider474ccrider474 Posts: 655 ★★★
    I did the opposite and took my nebula vs mags. As soon as you tap block you are stuck in that loop. Guess that is kinda cool as 20 charges is just a tap of block away.
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    ccrider474ccrider474 Posts: 655 ★★★

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    SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 11,573 Guardian
    edited November 2021
    Yep, I just tested both ways too. Mags vs Nebula, and Nebula vs Mags.

    Always a problem, just have Mags hit into a blocking Nebula, and the problem starts (she keeps her charging going basically whole fight).

    No special timing of Parry-Heavy or anything (I didn’t do anything other than have Nebula go into normal block, then have Mags hit into it).

    Wonder if Magnetism (reduced ability accuracy) means that it is an Ability of Nebula that once she no longer blocks that she will stop doing her “charging”. So thus removing the ability to stop “charging” means she continues to do so.

    (That would be like saying if Armor Up only lasts for 3 seconds and then should go away, but if Magnetized you “lose the ability” to have your Armor Up expire on you and so your Armor continues forever, lol)

    @Kabam Miike
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    magnus_xixmagnus_xix Posts: 2,019 ★★★★★
    This happens with medusa and vision aarkus too
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    @Total_Domin01 , same here (this thread).
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    Il_JooOIl_JooO Posts: 477 ★★
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