What's the best crit rate synergy in 2021?

DrDrillDrDrill Posts: 163 ★★★
I did some research, all the result I found is 3 years old minimum, is there any new one I should use?
Thank you


  • Ever since the update to Crit Rate/Damage calculation method some years back, the newer “diminishing returns” style has much less of an impact from any additional CritRate synergies for people who already have their Mastery setup for max'd Greater CritRate (Precision) of 5/5 (even with Lesser one only at 1/5).

    Synergies will still add a little bit, but not really worth using up team spots dedicated to that.

    Not like way back, when S.Witch, Strange, Widow, Falcon, etc made big differences.

    But just for adding extra impact for single-attacker quick runs or auto-play, I like to grab OG(red)Mags, Wolvie, and (red)Cyclops. Double synergies from all 3 (all being Crits and Attacks).
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    I've been doing Hulk, Red Hulk & Abomination. It increases crit and attack.

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