4.8 mil 2 days map 5 AQ tier 9 AW - looking for new members

we require:
11 champs at 4/40 or 2/35 and one decent 5/50 is preferred
entry fee of 10k gold 1k loyalty 5k BC; weekly donations 60k gold 1.5k loyalty and 3.5k BC
Line app is REQUIRED communication is essential
5k minimum In SA
650 duels
every war and AQ is a must join; AQ is prioritized over war
do not suck at the game; meaning don't KO all 3 champs first section map 5
overall just be nice and participate
if interested please contact jmoneysteck97 on line or maddmatt05 screenshots of champs will be asked of you. currently need 1


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