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    @DNA3000 I'm interested on your take about what the best way to put in a requirement, or what Miike is alluding to when they say they're looking into ways to stop it being exploited.

    Every way I think about it, it's going to badly affect a certain group of players.

    Account level - someone who bought the 735 unit daily card for 12 months but only is level 15
    Time of creation - new players who start in the coming days
    Progression - newer players who couldn't get to that level
    Can only gift to similar rated players - anyone who has a mate who doesn't play the game as seriously/plays it way more seriously, or a member of the alliance who is much different rated. Same with progression.

    Aside from your new currency idea, which would be great for next year, but right now couldn't fix the issue. What do you think is the best way to do something that is best for new players, lower players or the players who want to grind a couple alts, but at the same time doesn't allow someone to grind 50?

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    People keep asking this question. And the answer is: the same way someone cheating in your class affects your grade. Massively multiplayer games, like many classes, are graded on a curve. Content and reward systems are balanced around datamined averages and other metrics.

    This is absolutely not valid logic, because otherwise the 100s (1000s maybe?) of players who spend insane money to create the same outcome during the gifting event would have the same negative impact on the economy/game. I am also willing to bet that the number of people creating large scale alt farming is probably equal to or less than the number of players who whale out like crazy on the gifting event.

    Mass gifting is either wrong or ok. The way it occurs makes no difference at all.

    If players were somehow actually exploiting I would totally agree that needed to be looked into and fixed.
    The logic is not invalid: the people who spend do create the same situation as the people who gain rewards through exploits. For that matter, highly skilled players who crush content are also creating the same issue when they raise the curve for everyone else.

    It is just that when the smart kid raises the curve, we consider that to be normal. And in this game, when the rich kid buys the school a whole new wing, we let him have Stephen Hawking help him with his physics homework, because without him and his friends there would be no school.

    We want the skilled players and we need the whales. We don't need mass alt farming. That's the difference.
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    It's a simple solution, get rid of the gifting part. You can buy GGCs for yourself using units like any other crystal but you can't gift it. Problem solved. No more having to detect armies of botters that are scamming Kabam out of money and no more shady nonsense.

    If this happens I lose all units from my alt but that's a small price to pay for a fairer event.

    Kabam could go down this sort of route if they have great free rewards. Maybe even throw in a one-time: if you spend $1, you can gift from 2 alts.

    I can imagine players who grinded/botted on more alts than a typical ~2-3 accounts will feel frustrated.

    Or somehow has 20-30k plus units on an "alt" without spending 🙄. (Bot, or bought someone else's account).

    But the "spirit" of giving, and people receiving "free" stuff, will be over?!

    As if anyone can't give outside the game.
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