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Thronebreaker, the Prologue edition

MauledMauled Posts: 3,776 ★★★★★
So having been inspired by @BitterSteel who has an excellent thread where he is cataloguing his own progress towards making an alt account with the aim of becoming Thronebreaker, so too am I heading down this road.

I've set no real rules to this account beyond it being purely F2P, and that I'm going to try and avoid using my main as credentials to get myself into alliances that a player who is actually at my account's progression level wouldn't really be able to get into. Waving the whole my main is in a T1 alliance flag to get places seems a bit too cheeky.

So in my current Lord of the Rings kick I decided with 'Lost Noldor' as my username, sounding suitably nooby enough to deter all of the Map 8 alliance that must be champing at the bit to recruit such a fine specimen.

Short Term objectives:
With the MEQ coming into its last couple of weeks I hope to be able to snag myself some of the lower hanging fruit on the side quests. The MEQ itself has such a ludicrous energy requirement that it's not worth it IMO until you can complete Uncollected.
- If I can I'm going to explore 3 of the masters level side quests for the 4* AG.
- Become Uncollected before 30 November for the calendar refresh
- Reach T5 for boosted Incursions rewards.
- Get a R5 4*, depending on what my 4* roster looks like and how close I am to a 5*

Not the most expansive, but there's only so much you can write.

So having completed Acts 1-3 and the heroic levels on the side quest I was ready to pop my first 4*. As I have the majority of the meta champions at R3 on my main I thought it'd be fun to have someone different to my usual but still good enough to cut the mustard. Someone like Venompool or BWDO who I don't really play with. What I didn't want was this...

Needless to say, I carried on using my 3* Ikaris. Fast forward a couple of days, however and I got myself through a bit more of Act 4 and had managed to get the shards to rustle up another and this time my luck had turned around totally and I pulled everybody's favourite wacky robot; Warlock, Kingpin and Black Panther classic.

Alongside the compensation and some real grinding I've managed to R4 both Warlock and Kingpin, completely going back on what I said about using champs I don't use often and have dived head first into Act 5 and intend on getting through the Collector with just these two.

This is my roster as it stands, one week after creation, almost to the minute:

My mastery set up so far and my story progression:

Thanks for tuning in :)


  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 8,860 ★★★★★
    It appears you may be my protege. I’ve bookmarked the thread and I’m looking forward to seeing the progress you make!

    I definitely think it’ll be interesting seeing a different perspective as we both progress.

    Also nice work on getting to act 5 in a week! Good luck!
  • i might try this next month and start one but i already did this last year and got thronbreaker in a year of starting + being f2p
  • Good job though
  • MauledMauled Posts: 3,776 ★★★★★
    So week two has just come to an end and I've made a lot of progress, though I should think that I'm going to stall a little bit now while I widen my roster a little bit and work on exploring Act 4 for those mastery points and the experience.

    About two hours after that post went up I pulled another 4*, big Daddy Doom himself so I took him straight to R4 for my Uncollected push. My goal here has been to get uncollected before the monthly calendar refreshes so that I can get rewards that will still be relevant to me by the end of the month as I am probably progressing faster than the average new player here. 5.1 wasn't too bad at all, I think I used a couple of revives in total. The real fun began in 5.2 though with buffet and masochism. I knew that in Warlock I had a good counter to buffet so I built my whole team around him, using a 2* vision for the fury synergy and took the Caltrops path. It turns out that this was a fairly good decision with the exception of the Spiderman who's evade mechanic was on steroids and he genuinely took more revives than the collector to get down. Needless to say, the neighbours learnt some new words that day. Masochism was easy enough to get through, as was 5.2.6 itself, with the only real problem being the Collector himself, who I still hate!

    With a little bit of luck in the weekly compensation I was able to take him to R5, now I just need 5/5 MD and the account will be complete!

    Now that I've got a good base to work off I found myself a nice little alliance group who are running maps 234 and have two more advanced alliances, with the highest running 555 I think so I'm in a group where I've got good room for progression without having to put myself in the shop window every month, which is nice. I'm currently doing the Map 3 and just using my R4 warlock for it to keep my other champs free and it's pretty chill; in a couple of weeks hopefully I'll be able to contribute a bit more on the mini-boss side of life but it's a touch risky at the moment.

    My goals for the rest of the week were to explore the master difficulty of the side quest for the 4* and the awakening gem which was pretty tough but I did it, pulling a mutant gem - probably the best I could hope for despite no mutants of note on my roster just yet.

    With the new EQ dropping I've launched myself into it in the hopes of pulling at least another 4* but I managed to hit the jackpot, pulling my first 5* and arguably the best in the limited pool:

    I also managed to get myself another 4* AG from a superior solo crystal and now have some nice shiny stars on my KP who will likely be my next significant rank up, with a view to making some headway on the Villain Variant, once I hit level 45. I can't remember the format of that quest but with luck I can snag a couple of R3 gems so that I can save some T4CC for any R4s that I might be able to make if I get the right sort of luck.

    I've just managed to complete my Incursions top zones to sneak a second 5*, I was sorely tempted to hang on and just go for the featured in the hopes of sniping a Hercules but if I did actually pull Herc I think it'd probably upset me as I'm 0/12 on the featured 6* on my main. I pondered going for a dual - Mutant/Skill today but I thought as I'm starting with a blank slate I may as well go basic and pulled this bad boy:

    I think that it's safe to say that I'm pretty chuffed with this pull. Sure, he does need awakening to get the best out of him but he's certainly no slouch unawakened and with Christmas coming I'm sure I can snag a few awakening gems and hopefully get him awakened.

    So this is where we are at the end of the week, some pretty good progress, though I really need level up to come around so I can lose the 3* from my profile...

    My biggest decision right now is whether I try to unlock Despair or Willpower first; I have two carb cores currently. The arguments for Despair being the amount of poisons I can inflict with DV and Mr Fantastic's debuffs, while Willpower will make Kingpin virtually indestructible as long as I don't screw up.
  • IcyCoolDudeDoodleIcyCoolDudeDoodle Posts: 575 ★★
    Nice man! Doom, Warlock, KP, Voodoo, Mr. Fantastic, Falcon, Ægon, Guardian, Stealthy are all good!

    But... #MAWABOVEALL. #grootfamily

    Seriously tho... Some good champs!

  • IcyCoolDudeDoodleIcyCoolDudeDoodle Posts: 575 ★★
    OGBP and KG aren't bad either
  • IcyCoolDudeDoodleIcyCoolDudeDoodle Posts: 575 ★★
    You've stopped updating? Sad...
  • MauledMauled Posts: 3,776 ★★★★★

    You've stopped updating? Sad...

    Tomorrow, though the disagreer doesn’t have to watch 😂
  • MauledMauled Posts: 3,776 ★★★★★
    Well I did just update this but the edit I made has sent this into the abyss of moderation approval so I’m going to need a few minutes for round 2…
  • MauledMauled Posts: 3,776 ★★★★★
    Week 3

    So at the end of Week 2 I had just snuck through 5.2 and claimed that Uncollected Title, though it turns out that you also need to be level 40 to get access to the event, daily/hourly crystals and weekly calendar despite the fact that I get the monthly calendar; who’d have thought?
    Armed with this new and slightly annoying knowledge, I set my goal for the week to be hitting level 40 so that I could access the Uncollected MEQ/Side Quests to start building my roster up so that I could push on with the story a little bit.
    Act 4 is one of those pieces of content that isn’t fun, it isn’t difficult, it’s just long. It’s like arena with an energy cost, but it’s also got the best exp/energy ratio in the game and access to those extra 4 mastery points is also quite important to get a little bit more juice out of a limited roster.
    I decided that I’d go for Despair first as I was already at about 14 points in the attack tree but only about 8 or 9 in Defence.
    With a quick game of enee menee minee moe I settled on 4.3 to be the first chapter in my sights and with the help of some refills, exp boost and a lot of tea I smashed that out over the course of the week, and only just hitting level 40 on the last quest, which quite surprised me considering that level 40 is the minimum requirement for gifting – I’ve gone through 5.2 and fully explored a chapter of Act 4, all under exp boosts and only just clutched level 40.
    In terms of my notable pulls this week they’ve been pretty spectacular. I have been expecting a few duds considering that I started out with Mr Fantastic from a Grandmaster and Doctor Voodoo from my first basic. I was correct in this regard, pulling my first skill champion – Agent Venom, who is already doomed to being arena fodder unless he gets a buff of quite magnificent proportions.
    This was followed by the beginning of the 7 year celebrations which granted me a 4* Hercules who has gone straight to R5 un-awakened and has been an absolute god-send, allowing me to solo most quest content with him and use my other 4* in AQ. Ramped up, his damage output allowed me to go through 5.3 in a day and without spending more than a couple of revives across the whole chapter.
    Of course Kabam giveth and Kabam taketh away, or in this case, trolleth. With the first day of the 7 year calendar I got myself a nice shiny basic 5* and I was just hoping for something usable, which considering the amount of buffed champs we’ve got now, there’s pretty good odds on that.
    My oh my was I wrong, not only did I get a usable champ, but I got one in a class that I’d just blown all of my T4CC on – not that I’m complaining much!

    I’m 14 6* features dry for this fellow on my main and I just pull the 5* out of a basic on this account, after blowing all of my gold, ISO and T4CC, you couldn’t make it up!
  • MauledMauled Posts: 3,776 ★★★★★
    Week 4:
    Week 4’s objectives have been dictated entirely by that pull of 5* Herc. I’ve somehow got myself 4 T2A from weekly glory/AQ/Compensation so I am actually 75% of the way to being able to take this man to R4, assuming I can somehow rustle up the requisite 7 T4CC to do so and not put too much into the overflow in other classes. This was made fairly easy by the trade in shop. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to sneak any 4/5* awakening gems but I did manage to get the resources to R3 Herc so I had an AQ herc and a questing Herc – Victory!
    Step 1 was to get myself completion of the Uncollected MEQ and legendary side quests which turned out to be easy enough, I was quite concerned about the final chapter of the EQ but I was worrying for nothing, I got Kraven down with my last champion and managed the whole thing itemless, whether I can explore it itemless is a different matter – I’ve not checked out the nodes yet but hopefully by the end of the month I’ll be able to get it down.
    I’ve spent the rest of the week mindlessly grinding 4.4 (currently just 4.4.1 & 2 left to go), with a 75% exp boost so that I can hit level 45 and start working on some Variant content to give the roster a little kick in the backside.
    The two that I’ve eyed as possibilities are the Hero and villain variants as I’ve got KP and Doom at R5 as 4* and the Hero to utilise Herc. I just need to check out what the actual paths and any further restrictions look like before I dive in because I want to complete it for the R5 gem and ideally explore ch1 so that I get a 2017 R4 gem for Voodoo.

    Most wanted Champions:
    Hercules – dupe

    The pic dump:

    Mastery set up so far:


    To end this I just thought I’d mention that it feels almost obscene that by the end of my first month of playing I’ve got a fully levelled up R4 5* along with 3 R5 4*. Admittedly I’ve pushed harder than your average newbie but still, it’s mind boggling how fast progression is if you follow the right steps. By the end of next month I’m hoping to have Herc at R5 from manually ranking him up – I’m sitting on 2.5 T2A and 1.5 T5B at present and will get another T5B from Variant – and potentially the ability to R5 another champion alongside him.
    My real debate at the moment is whether or not Herc has enough juice to get through 5.4 and 6.1 on his own, I’m pretty sure I could do 5.4 but I’m not going to bother with 6.1 until I know that I can get through it without it being a total unit fest. Either way, I’m happy with the Uncollected Chrimbo pressie, though a potential generic AG as a Cavalier does whet the appetite somewhat!

    Thanks for tuning in if you’ve made it this far! Apologies, but I’m a wordy fellow.
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 8,860 ★★★★★
    Nice work! That Hercules is genuinely amazing, forget your worries about using only him for 6.1. He could probably do 99% of the fights in exploring 6.1, not to mention just completion. You’d have a couple of issues with biohazard sentinel in 6.1.2, but apart from that and potentially a couple others you’ll be absolutely fine.

    He can do every boss in 6.1 no worries. Honestly, you have got yourself a champ to carry yourself to TB not just Cav. Congrats man.

    I’d say push for Cav before Xmas if you can and have the time, there’s potential that gift could be a really huge benefit to your account. Think about the difference between the UC anniversary calendar and the Cav Calendar.

    With regards to variants, the hero one is quite restrictive, since each chapter has 2 classes available. Mutant/mystic for chapter 1, tech/skill for chapter 2 and science/cosmic for chapter 3. So it makes it hard if your roster is a little shallower.

    Best of luck! And I can’t wait for future updates :)
  • Ace2319Ace2319 Posts: 547 ★★★
    Congrats on the awesome pull! I also didn’t make it to lvl 40 until I had explored all of 4.3 and some more. It was extremely boring so I’m glad you’re currently done with it
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