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Mcoc issues.. An analysis and ways of fixing

DiablordDiablord Posts: 504 ★★★
Recently many things in the game have been,well pretty broken.
Surprisingly, many issues that are not parry bugs also affect the game.

Some issues will be shown and some ways to make a fix to this I would propose are

1.)New Champs:

New champs have been very tough to get, most of the time, unless you spend money, you have to wait till the champ is in the featured pool to have a chance to get them.

A way to make this better, is to give conquerors and below a 3* selector of any 1 new champ each month. Give Uncollected and above a 4* selector of any 1 new champ each month.

This way, people can use a decent star rarity of a champ.

2.) AW changes:

AW is the only real competitve mode in mcoc ( soon to be released solo mode not counted )

It has a 2 key issues, cost and mid season bore.

Issue 1: The cost of AW is not too much of an issue right now, but will be an issue once parry bug is resolved and comp stops. People have to spend a lot of money for boost and revives or potions, if you have a 6* r3 apoc while boosted, you would have to use about 6 level 5 aw health pots to take him to full health.

Ways to change: Grant all players a selector to give them 3 revives, 5 level 5 health pots and 3 class boosts of thier choice.

Another change: make potions percentage based, make a level 5 potion as heal 45% of max health.

AW issue 2: Mid season bore, is what happens when particular champs are always on the same nodes by the first 6-7 wars.

A way to fix this is, Changing nodes of the entire map every week, for tier 10 -1.

@luhdemtaters has a good video on this topic as well

3.) Gold and ISO8

Gold and ISO8 are very big issues in the game, the only way to consistanly produce these is whaling or arena ( which many people hate ). Iso is less of a problem now, as side quests give a lot of shards ( especially 4* shards ). Side quests also give a fair bit of gold, and that is a great change. If the amount of gold in SQs was like doubled, then the gold issue would not exist anymore.

Another way of changing this issue is to reduce gold cost of ranking and leveling up champs.

Bonus: Crystal luck

This is not neccesary as it could break the game, but maybe add a pity system to crystals where the chance to get higher rarity champs is increased everytime you spin, getting the highest rarity from a crystal will reset the pity system.


  • Hera1d_of_Ga1actusHera1d_of_Ga1actus Posts: 2,439 ★★★★★
    Just looking at the “new champ” problem and I’m already disregarding what you’re saying. I’m being honest but as a lower tier Thronebreaker I quite literally do not care about 4*s at all anymore. And when I was cavalier that’s when I started to slowly grow away from using them all the time. Pair that with current ISO problems that most people have and you have a “solution” that does nothing. The system in game is fine and I doubt they’ll hand out a 5* every month
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 20,946 ★★★★★
    1. I don't see the point in this.
    2. AW needs an update but none of what you said. I don't understand the resource selector feature you mentioned. Zero context there. Switching the nodes up won't do any good as you'll just see the same champs for those just like we currently have.
    3. Doesn't matter how much you increase gold or iso, unless you give everyone infinity, someone will always be short somewhere. Just manage your rank ups better.
    4. Nah.

    Only thing worth implementing is changing revives and pots to percentage based amounts.
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