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Which 6* Skill Powerhouse to R3?

EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★
Title is self explanatory. Have a Skill R2 to R3 gem. FYI, I already have a 5/65 max 200 sig 5* Moleman, that is why I hesitate to R3 my 6* , otherwise it would be a no brainer. Don't have Shang-Chi nor Falcon ranked up as 5* and don't plan to do so ever.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Which 6* Skill Powerhouse to R3? 27 votes

Moleman (sig 20)
Ackbar67_coloReignkingTWXguard77EtherealityOakenshield13579rebel_cedricccc 8 votes
Shang-Chi (sig 40)
OliverJWRockypantherxStevieManWonderEtjamaEwell65SSS69RenaxqqParam1988limeade32DrauglinRealm_Of_RahYodabolt21RiptideJoshKosh557willrun4adonutNemesisOfFurybaskinrobbinsknows 16 votes
Falcon (sig 30 , but if I R3 will sig him up to 50, as I read on a Falcon sig level analysis thread that 50 is his sweet spot)
UnsilentwalkerdogZippy_halligan 3 votes


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    EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★
    Moleman (sig 20)
    Hmmm, no vote for mah boi Falcon??? Wasn't expecting that ....
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