Cavalier Buffs: December 2021


It’s that time again! Here are your updated Cavalier Buffs. These will go live in the new Event Quest, live on Wednesday, December 1st at 10am PST. This time, we’re doing something a little bit different! Instead of class based Buffs, we’re going to be focusing on different Champion tags! These will also be the last new Buffs added to the pool of Cavalier Difficulty buffs and nodes for a while.

Cross-Fight (applied to every Quest)
Short Temper: Each Cross Charge grants +30% Attack Rating. After winning a fight, up to 5 Cross Charges are converted into Cross-Fight Fury Passives lasting the next 2 Fights, increasing Attack rating by 15%.

#Spider-Verse Heroes, #Symbiote and #Sinister Six
Sidestep Strike: #Spider-Verse Heroes, #Symbiote or #Sinister Six Attackers gain an Evade Charge whenever they knock the Defender down, which grants a 100% Chance to Evade Unblockable attacks. Whenever an Unblockable Basic attack is Evaded, the Defender is Passively Stunned for 0.9 seconds.

Furious Feint: #Spider-Verse Heroes, #Symbiote or #Sinister Six Attackers gain 2 Cross Charges each time they Evade any attack. Max stacks 10.

Escalating Assault: Every 6 seconds the Defender gains an Unblockable charge, making their next Attack Unblockable. Unblockable Charges are consumed whenever the Defender attacks, regardless of whether the Attack hits.

#Defenders, #Thunderbolts and #Inhuman
Mixed Martial Arts: #Defenders, #Thunderbolts and #Inhuman Attackers inflict a Physical Vulnerability Debuff on the Defender whenever they end their Combo with a different attack than they ended their previous combo with, reducing the Defender’s Physical Resistance by 10% for 6 seconds.

Distinctive Debuffs: #Defenders, #Thunderbolts or #Inhuman Attackers gain a Cross Charge each time they inflict the Defender with an Armor Break, Bleed or Physical Vulnerability Debuff. Max stacks 10. This ability has a 1 second cooldown.

Energy Interference: Every 4 seconds the Attacker is inflicted with a Power Lock Passive for 6 seconds. If the Defender is inflicted with a Debuff this timer is reset.

#Dimensional Being, #Illuminati and #Thanos’s Army
Dodge, Duck, Dip, and Dive: #Dimensional Being, #Illuminati or #Thanos’s Army Attackers Nullify one Armor Up Buff on the Defender whenever any hit from the Defender's Special Attacks does not make contact with the Attacker.

Armor Erasure: #Dimensional Being, #Illuminati or #Thanos’s Army Attackers gain a Cross Charge each time they Nullify an Armor Up Buff or prevent an Armor Up Buff from triggering. Max stacks 10.

Defensive Transference: The Defender gains a permanent Armor Up Buff increasing Armor Rating by 10% per stack whenever the Attacker blocks one of their attacks. Max stacks 10.
Stalwart Shield: Each Armor Up Buff on the Defender reduces the Duration of Debuffs on them by 20%.

#Mercenary and #Guardians of the Galaxy
Bloody Barb: #Mercenary or #Guardians of the Galaxy Attackers inflict a Bleed Passive on the Defender whenever they inflict a Stun Debuff on the Defender, dealing 15% Direct Damage over 6 seconds.

Bleeding Edge: #Mercenary or #Guardians of the Galaxy Attackers gain a Cross Charge each time they inflict the Defender with a Bleed effect. Max stacks 10.

Obstinate Charge: When the Defender performs the first attack in any combo, the Defender is Stun Immune until the attack ends.

Crimson Rage: Every 8 seconds the Defender gains an Unstoppable Buff for 4 seconds, unless they are suffering from a Bleed Debuff or Passive when the timer expires.

#New Avengers, #A-Force and #Fantastic Four
Powerful Objection: #New Avengers, #A-Force or #Fantastic Four Attackers gain a Power Gain Buff whenever they interrupt any of the Defender’s attacks, granting 33% of a Bar of Power over 8 seconds. Max stacks 1.

Punishing Specials: #New Avengers, #A-Force or #Fantastic Four Attackers gain a Cross Charge each time they use a Special Attack or punish the Defender’s Special Attack. Max stacks 10.

Robust Rivalry: Whenever the Attacker does not have any Buffs applied to them, the Defender passively Regenerates 1% of their Max Health every second.

Critically Drained: #Avengers Attackers gain a Power Drain Charge whenever they land a Critical Hit on the Defender. Performing a Medium combo ender consumes all charges and inflicts a Power Drain on the Defender for every 2 charges consumed, each draining 7.5% of the Defender’s Max Power.

Power Exchange: #Avengers Attackers gain a Cross Charge each time they Power Drain, Burn or Lock the Defender. Max stacks 10.

Especially Energetic: Whenever the Defender uses a Special Attack they gain an Energize Passive, increasing their Combat Power Gain Rate by 75% for 8 seconds.

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