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Alliance Gifting Requirement

I have one major concern with the new gifting requirements. If I want to leave my alliance when rewards go out on December 8, I am unable to leave my ally if I want to qualify for alliance rank rewards for the gifting event. I don't see how this is fair to anyone who was planning to leave their allies after the season. Would like to see how everyone feels about this and hopefully it gets extended


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    SteveMSteveM Posts: 191
    The requirement was the same last year. As long as you hit the 14 day requirement during the event you were good. If it's the same and you left your current and joined a new ally on the 8th you'd have to wait until the 22nd to be able to contribute points. There was a timer on the event that showed when your points would start to contribute to the ally. Within that time anything you gifted wouldn't count so you'd be essentially wasting the points/units.
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