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Champion Spotlight - Kraven

edited November 2021 in Champion Spotlights

About Kraven
Sergei Nikolaievich Kravinoff was once known as the world’s greatest hunter, often killing his prey with his bare hands. Despite his success he grew bored with hunting big game, so he decided to hunt for more dangerous and powerful prey. He chose to hunt Spider-Man, someone he saw as a real challenge worthy of his skills, however his constant failure to defeat Spider-Man led him into a path of villainy and insanity.

Kraven's Mechanics

    Kraven’s playstyle is all about trapping the Opponent and then punishing them. He places a Trap with a Special 1, and it stays in the Arena until it triggers or it is replaced. Pushing an unprepared Opponent into a Trap is even more beneficial for Kraven than just allowing the Opponent into the Trap, but once the Opponent is Trapped, Kraven’s attacks and effects are even more deadly. Kraven is not your average Champion! This is a high Skill use Champ and to get the best out of him, you’re going to have to change your playstyle and max out those synergies and masteries.

   Health  Attack  PI (Max Signature)
 3-Star  6609  462  1911
 4-Star  16572  1159  4800
 5-Star  33227  2324  10640
 6-Star (Rank 3, Level 45)  42815  2994  13680

Character Class: Skill

Basic Abilities: Disoriented, Bleed, Root, Suppression

  • Root
  • Kraven can Root the Opponent by placing Traps on the Arena. When an Opponent crosses over the Trap, they are Rooted in place.
  • While the Opponent is trapped Kraven’s dash attacks are Unstoppable and nearly Unblockable, and his Critical rating increases quite a bit. All while the Opponent has nowhere to run.

  • True Accuracy
  • Kraven can access and maintain True Accuracy for a long period of time with some ease, giving him an edge against Evade and Auto-Block Champions.

  • Bleeds
  • He can stack lots of Bleeds on the Opponent, bypassing Armor and Resistances. His Bleeds are paused while the Opponent is trapped or during his Special 1 Attacks, allowing him to keep those Bleeds going on for a while.
  • Opponents with Specials that cover a long distance
  • The only way to disarm Kraven’s Trap is by crossing over it with a Special Attack. Opponents like Venom or Tigra that move long distances during their Special Attacks have an advantage against Kraven.

  • Bleed Immunity
  • Most of his damage comes from Bleeds, without it his damage falls substantially.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

Jungle Fighter
  • Heavy Attack: First hit inflicts a non-stacking Disorient Debuff, decreasing Block Proficiency and Defensive Ability Accuracy by 40% for 16 second(s).
  • Critical Hits: Inflict a Bleed Debuff, dealing 557.76 Direct over 8 second(s).
When Debuffed – Endurance Passive
  • Each time Kraven receives a non-damaging Debuff, reduce the duration of future non-damaging Debuffs by 10% for the rest of the fight. Max 8 stacks.
Developer’s Note: As an Attacker this ability is useful against Champions that passively inflict Debuffs but this ability is more useful as a Defender.

Trap – Special 1
  • If the Opponent moves into a Trap, it springs and deals a Burst of 1743 Direct Damage and Roots them for 5 second(s). Damage scales with Base Attack only. If the Opponent moves into the Trap during a special, the Trap is removed.
  • If the Opponent is pushed into the Trap by a Heavy or Special 2, Kraven has a 100% chance to place a new Trap when the Root expires.
  • Rooted Champions cannot move, but can still attack, block, and dodge. Activating a Special Attack removes Root and prevents it from applying.
  • While the Opponent is Rooted, Kraven’s Dash Attacks become Unstoppable, his damage over time Debuffs are paused, and he gains 1400 Critical Rating.
  • While the Opponent is Rooted, their Combat Power Rate is reduced by 37.5%.
Developer’s Note: Once the Opponent is trapped the best way to initiate an attack is with a dash, since Kraven will go Unstoppable. A skilled player only needs to launch a Trap once, as long as they are pushing the Opponent into the Traps they will keep retriggering.

Suppression – Cross-Fight
  • Traps also inflict a Cross-Fight Suppression Passive on the Opponent, reducing Combat Power Rate by 6.25% for this and the next 5 fights. Max 2 stacks. Traps cannot suppress Opponents with Natural Class Advantage.
  • In the following fights Suppression Potency is increased by 100%.
Developer’s Note: When the Opponent is trapped while suffering with 2 stacks of Suppression, their Combat Power Rate is reduced by a total of 50%. This allows Kraven to attack Rooted Opponents without worrying too much about them reaching 3 bars of Power.

Special Attacks
  • Root Debuff and Precision Buff are paused.
Developer’s Note: It is always a good idea to throw a Special Attack on a Rooted Opponent because it will increase the duration of the Root, consequently increasing the duration that Bleeds are paused by the Root.

Special 1 - Hunter Fury
  • Kraven sets a Trap at the Opponent’s location, the Trap arms after 5 second(s) and lasts until triggered. New Traps replace existing ones. As a Defender, Traps are placed at his location and arm immediately. Traps are not affected by Ability Accuracy reduction.
  • If the Opponent is already Rooted by a Trap, Critical Damage Rating is increased by 182.61 for the duration of this Attack instead.
  • Bleed effects are paused.
  • Gain a non-stacking True Accuracy Buff, ignoring all Evade and Auto-Block effects for 20 second(s). Triggering a Trap refreshes this effect.
Developer’s Note: Special 1’s main purpose is to place a Trap. The Trap can be retriggered outside Special 1 and True Accuracy can be refreshed; if the player is able to always retrigger the Trap with a push, there isn’t much need to launch this special again.

Special 2 - Dirty Tricks
  • On activation, gain a Precision Buff, increasing Critical Rating by 1081.82 for 20 second(s). Triggering a Trap refreshes this effect. Max 5 stacks.
    The first hit is Unblockable and inflicts a Poison Debuff, reducing Health Recovery by 30% and Dealing 2324 Direct Damage over 3 second(s).
  • If the Opponent is Rooted, refresh all Bleed effects.
Developer’s Note: The BEST way to retrigger a trap is by pushing the Opponent into a Trap with a Special 2. You get to refresh all your Bleeds, increase the Poison duration by up to 5 seconds and refresh the Precision Buff. If done correctly, Kraven can stack a lot of Bleeds on the Opponent and Precisions on himself.

Special 3 - The Way of the Hunter
  • Gain a Cruelty Buff, increasing Critical Damage Rating by 233.33 until Kraven is knocked down.
  • If the Opponent is Rooted they gain no Power during the Special and the potency of the Cruelty Buff is increased by 100%.
  • If the Opponent is not Rooted but a Trap is placed, even if not armed, the Trap springs regardless of the Opponent’s position.
Developer’s Note: In general Kraven won’t be chasing Special 3 since he is usually better off triggering his Trap immediately, but in long fights the Special 3 offers a way to boost his Bleed damage.

Signature Ability - Entrapment
  • Passive:
  • While the Opponent is Rooted Dash Attacks grant a Trample Passive, making the attack Unblockable except against Well-Timed Blocks
  • While the Opponent is Rooted all Bleeds are Critical Bleeds, multiplying their Potency by 200% of Kraven’s Critical Damage.
Developer’s Note: The Trample Passive guarantees that Kraven can always break the defenses of a trapped Opponent, but the real power of this ability is the substantial boost in damage he gets from Critical Bleeds.

Obsess - Unique - - with Spider-Man (Classic), Spider-Man (Symbiote) - 3-Star and up
  • Kraven: Once per Fight when receiving damage that would result in a knockout, gain an Immortality Buff preventing death for 8 second(s).
  • Spider-Man(Classic),Spider-Man(Symbiote): Armor Break Debuffs are paused during Specials and their duration is increased by 7 second(s).

Pressure Points - Unique - With Tigra - 5-Star and up
  • Kraven: On a Critical Hit, inflict a Fragility Debuff for 5 seconds. When attacking a Fragile Opponent, increase Critical Damage Rating by 200 and decrease their Block Proficiency by 15%.
  • Tigra: While the Opponent is Neutralized, Tigra gains 1500 Critical Rating.

Misunderstanding - With Venompool, Agent Venom - 5-Star and Up
  • Kraven: Kraven’s True Accuracy also ignores the effects of Miss.
  • Venompool: When fighting Bleed immune Champions, when inflicting Bleeds, inflict a matching Degeneration instead.
  • Agent Venom: On Critical Hits or when the Opponent fails to Evade inflict a Bleed Debuff, dealing 50% of Attack in Direct Damage over 4 second(s).

Big Game- With Sasquatch, Beast, Dragon Man - 4-Star and up
  • Sasquatch, Beast, Dragon Man: Stunning a Stun Immune Champion will instead inflict a non-stacking Concussion Debuff, reducing Ability Accuracy by 60% for 5 second(s).

Fun Adventures- With Squirrel Girl - 5-Star and up
  • Kraven: Bleed Immune Champions are inflicted by a Poison Debuff instead, reducing Health Recovery by 30% and Dealing 17% of Attack in Direct Damage over 10 second(s). Poison pauses and refreshes just as Bleed.
  • Squirrel Girl: When the Opponent is afflicted by an Injury Debuff, Squirrel Girl has 50% chance to gain a Precision Buff, increasing Critical Rating by 1500, and 50% chance to gain a Cruelty Buff, increasing Critical Damage Rating by 700 both effects lasts for 10 second(s).

Sinister Six- With Doctor Octopus, Electro, Green Goblin, Rhino, Vulture - 4-Star and up
  • Doctor Octopus, Electro, Green Goblin, Rhino, Vulture: When fighting #Heroes Combat Power Rate is increased by 25%.

Deep Wounds
  • The damage boost is nice but the duration increase is what really sells this Mastery, since longer Bleeds are easier to refresh than shorter Bleeds.

  • The number of Bleeds that Kraven can inflict on the Opponent makes this Mastery quite useful.


  • DiablordDiablord Posts: 500 ★★★
    Will you be able to see where the traps are?
  • Diablord said:

    Will you be able to see where the traps are?

    Yep, you'll be able to see a circle on the ground where it is placed.
  • te_dua_shumte_dua_shum Posts: 1,001 ★★★★
    The root mechanic seems to be bugged just like the first time we saw it, the moment that I get rooted I can't land a combo, after the first hit the opponent move back and the second hit whiffs. Could you please fix it? I get not being able to dash, but the description specifically says that I can still attack while in reality isn't true ^^"
  • TheLegend27TheLegend27 Posts: 1,315 ★★★★★
    Just pulled this guy a few days ago and took him to R3. He has a pretty fun playstyle but it feels like his kit was not fully thought out. Seems a tad impractical in huge chunks of the game. Just going to drop some suggestions in the event he ever gets a second pass.

    -The opponent becomes infuriated at being trapped. Upon a trap expiring, place a 2 second infuriate debuff on the opponent. Opponents under the effect of an infuriate debuff are more likely to perform a dash attack and significantly more likely to use a special attack.

    -Kraven is the perfect hunter and takes advantage of every opportunity to punish his opponent. Kraven's heavy attack will passively stun the opponent for 0.5 seconds (only while a trap is armed). This passive stun has a 10 second cooldown.

    I feel these 2 additions above would open his kit up significantly. And then this next one is just because I'm a suicide mastery user and I want free heals :D

    -Kraven has taken extraordinary measures to ensure nothing stops the hunt! Kraven has a 60% resistance to poison effects.
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