Permanent Boost to Gold in Gold and Arena Crystals - Starting December 10th! Hold your Crystals!


As of December 10th, we will be permanently increasing the amount of gold in all Gold and Arena Crystals by approximately 30%! This means a boost to the Gold found in:
  • Golden Crystal
  • Greater Golden Crystal
  • Uncollected Golden Crystal
  • Pool's Gold Crystal
  • No Foolin' Pools Gold Crystal
  • Arena Crystal
  • Uncollected Arena Crystal
  • Thronebreaker Arena Crystal
We're making this change instead of bringing back the Gold Boost because we want to encourage Players to stop hoarding their Crystals throughout the year waiting for these boosts, and open their Crystals whenever they need them.

This means that the Gold Boost WILL NOT BE COMING BACK.

We also know that this means that some other crystals that contain Gold and selling ISO-8 does not get a boost anymore, but we hope to make up for it with the larger boost to the Gold amounts than what you would expect from the Boost (30% instead of the 20% from the boost). We also want to establish that Gold Crystals should be a better option for Gold than selling resources that you might need later, like ISO-8.

The changes to the Crystals will take effect on December 10th around 10am PST, but please wait for confirmation in your In-Game Messages before opening your crystals!
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