abyss easy path

i was thinking of finally doing my first abyss path to get that awakening gem(because i could reroll it if i wanted to).i have all the 4 abyss horseman(all R5's and doom is at 6*R3).i also have R5 sym supreme,6* longshot who i can take to R2 for now,6* R3 apoc,R1 stryfe(i can take him to R2),6* R2 prof x(i can also take him to R3),6* r3 angela(i also have 6* odin at R1) and R3 claire.i have about 2.5k units and full stash of lvl1 and lvl 2 revives(i can get more lvl 1 revives by farming) and full stack of every potion.what should my team be and can i do it with this amount of resources?


  • ARW2000ARW2000 Posts: 53
    As far as units go 4k is the safe spot, the exact amount depends on the skill of the player. The offer is available for a few more days so you might want to grind arenas to get more, better safe than sorry. the generic team is aegon, NF, torch, and a mystic. In my opinion SS is better for path one but doom works as well. For your 5th champ it's up to you, most people bring a support like quake for the evade charges, but you could also bring another attacker to help with certain fights. To prepare you could also watch some videos of abyss strats and fights on youtube, good luck with your run.
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