LF 2 Players Adult Alliance - AQ Map 5 - USA timezone preferred!

We are currently in need of two players preferably in US timezones.

We're AQ focused running 3 BG (Map 5/5/5) on all 5 days.
We 100% every time 225 million/week. We have boss killers. You just need to finish your lanes.
AW is relax, no stress of diversity requirements (3 BG in-season. Currently Gold 3).
Preferred 9K+ prestige.

Daily active but casual. It's an active alliance that's chill and healthy with primarily working adults.

Interested players, please contact LINE ID: jonarctargaryen


  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    We have a spot opening up after War Season rewards. Preferably in US Timezone. Chill alliance with adult players. AQ Map5. AW Gold3 (3 BGs)

    Must have LINE App for communication. Contact LINE ID: jonarctargaryen
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    We have a few spots opening up and we can make room if you have more. Please contact LINE: jonarctargaryen.

    Our current setup: AQ Map 5x5 (no mods) 250 mil (4100 Glory per cycle)
    InSeason AW - 3BG, Gold 2 (no pressure, not diversity focused), offseason war is optional

    Ideal player(s): Active daily. Does AQ and AW without too much focus.

    Our alliance mainly comprises 10-12K prestige retired players who still enjoy playing the game daily. Run their energy on AQ and AW but focuses on solo quests.
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    We've grown a tad bit since the original poster :)

  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96


    We have couple of spots available. Looking to have them filled before the start of next AQ cycle.

    IDEAL PLAYERS: You don't need to be tagged to move in AQ.
    Jump in and out (3 mins) during your work day on routine easy Map 5.

    We do routine EASY Map 5x5 (no mods, 100% daily). 250 million. Approx. 4300 Glory per cycle.

    3BG in-season AW. Currently at the top of Gold 2. We don't stress on diversity or overly competitive. All players are veteran and chill. We 100% and take down all bosses, regardless of Win/Lose.
    Most guys don't have much interest for off-season AW so participation is optional.

    Alliance Prestige: 10,893
    All current players are working adults - Cavaliers and Thronebreakers

    Interested, contact LINE: jonarctargaryen
    Ingame name: jonarctargaryen
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    edited June 2022
    We have a couple of spots opened up. Chop-chop, hit me up if you are interested before the start of AQ tomorrow. Same exact setup as the details posted above this.

    Interested? contact via LINE: jonarctargaryen
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    We still have 1 spot to fill. Hope to get someone before AW season starting today

    - Map 5x5 no mods (100% 3BGs every time) 4400 Glory
    - AW Gold 1, Tier 5 (100% 3 BGs, maintained for 4 seasons now)
    - Battlegrounds (Average 5.2 million)

    Min. prestige: >11.5K

    Contact LINE: jonarctargaryen
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