Trade in store debacle and possible solution

To start off with the bad, Kabam, you failed miserably with the logic behind the store. You encourage people to limit hoarding then create an event with rare items that can only be achieved by hoarding. So players like myself who actually try to limit our hoarding and use the useless items (based on progression) just to reduce hoarding and now get shafted big time. You have said hoarding can impact gameplay issues and with the issues still nowhere close to being resolved, that's just a laughable mistake. You've now officially told everyone to hoard instead or using useless items that provide 0 benefit to Cavalier and thronebreaker players like 3 and 4 star AG. So the thanks the portion of the player base that actually tried to reduce hoarding got was a big ol middle finger in the air because Kabam proved they just don't care.

Now with that painful truth being put out there, onto actually trying to problem solve

A possible solution would be a permanent trade-in store with something like a monthly refresh and for lower items maybe expand the available trades limit. However, that still encourages hoarding. To help solve that, create a new form of currency just for the trade in store. Sell items that provides the tiny bit of gold still and the new currency. The price of 5 generic for 1 6 star should remain or be reduced by 1 or 2 generic gems and 5 star AG should then be on the no sell list so the 6 star stuff needs re rolls and 5 star stuff to obtain it but then other lower items could be sold as well and make a nice store out of it. RNG for crystals could be more fruitful but also more disappointing so it gives players the chances to play the odds of opening crystals like say those tiny purple questing crystals for the top rewards or go with a sell value for something in the middle type of thing. This both helps Kabam stabilize the game some by reducing hoarding and the players also benefit by having a tangible reason to reduce hoarding as well. Win-win
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