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Guillotine heal from bleed

Sunnyz_786Sunnyz_786 Posts: 260
edited December 2021 in Bugs and Known Issues
@Kabam Miike is there a bug? With guillotines heal because it's ok when doing damage but when she does bleeds say even 3 bleeds there doesn't see to be much healing or any at all its very hard to notice especially when taking in account health from the mastery +4 each time and the health back from adrenaline and then when she is hitting opponents she heals but with bleeds it's hard to see and if there us it seems very low.
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  • Sunnyz_786Sunnyz_786 Posts: 260
    edited December 2021
    Or is it because bleeds last a certain time so heal is from that time they bleed so normally it's always +6 no making a clip and slowing down I can see it counts bleeds sorry my bad
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