Is it how this works?

The_beast123The_beast123 Posts: 2,030 ★★★★
I recently fought a guillotine and I had a doubt with her Pain link debuff. In the spotlight, it says

Final hit has a 100% chance to inflict a Pain Link Debuff lasting 10 seconds. While active, any Non-Physical damage taken by Guillotine is also inflicted on the opponent as Physical Damage.
Unshackled: Spend 10 Souls to apply an additional Pain Link Debuff when launching the attack

Since it says Final hit has a 100% chance, shouldn't be only when I get hit by it? Now assuming that is clear, the Unshackled part, spend 10 souls to apply an additonal debuff when launching the attack. If it says additional, then shouldn't it apply only when struck by the last hit, because that's how the 1st one is applied? But why does it say when launching the attack though? If it means the debuffs are applied when launching the special, then why are we getting 1 instead of 2 debuffs?

I might be wrong, but someone please give me a clear idea, I don't understand her mechanics.


  • J0eySn0wJ0eySn0w Posts: 838 ★★★★
    If she had 10+ souls (unshackled), it activates at the special launch at the cost of 10 souls.
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