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Venom or Morales to R2?

Which 6* has more value in the game? Venom is unduped and Morales is duped. I know Venom is a beast but hear Morales is better after his buff. I have a 5*r5 Venom now but am not opposed to have 2 of the same champs ranked high.

Venom or Morales to R2? 17 votes

Morales (duped)
Denzel116edricLBN1 3 votes
Venom (unduped)
CrkwestMysterioEtjamaRenaxqqawesomesauceChikelScrubhanWill3808QuantumEmperorXVScarcity27TheBoogyManwillrun4adonutNH2NemesisOfFury 14 votes


  • KennadoKennado Posts: 991 ★★★
    As 6*s? Both. Rank both.
  • TheBoogyManTheBoogyMan Posts: 2,094 ★★★★★
    Venom (unduped)
    Venom. No question.
  • LBN1LBN1 Posts: 182 ★★
    Morales (duped)
    A 6* unduped Venom at R2 will be similar to your duped 5* maxed Venom, btw I have both and my 6* is on the bench. Miles is now very good post buff, so having variety in your roster will be more useful.
  • UMad8ro3UMad8ro3 Posts: 130
    Thanks. I’m liking Morales more as I play him. I’m confused though because sometimes I still get hit by unblockable special attacks. Anyone else have this problem?
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