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Champion Spotlight - Toad

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About Toad
Mortimer Toynbee, or the Mutant known as Toad, was cursed with a lonely childhood. Abandoned by his parents, sent to an orphanage where he was tormented by peers and guardians due to his unusual abilities and outward appearance. Toynbee was discovered by Magneto in his early adulthood and was given the alias of Toad because of his peculiar powers. With his regenerative healing, superhuman leap, paralytic resin, and a 30-foot prehensile tongue, Toad now serves Magneto in his mission to subjugate the humans that rejected Toad.

Toad's Mechanics

    Toad is a slippery Mutant Champion who specializes in Poisons. By utilizing his unique Paralytic Poison Toad subdues his Opponents and forces them to move or get Stunned. If too many Paralytic Poisons build up on Toad’s Opponent’s they are immediately Stunned giving Toad the opening he needs to finish his foes.

    Toad’s Paralytic Secretion ability also allows him to secrete his Paralytic Poisons from his skin when he is backed into a corner. This forces opponents to back away or deal with Toad’s Paralytic Poisons which are inflicted on contact. Toad Regenerates slowly while Paralytic Secretion is active making for a tricky and hard to defeat Champion.

   Health  Attack  PI (Max Signature)
 3-Star  6396  458  1944
 4-Star  16040  1148  4889
 5-Star  32160  2301  10640
 6-Star (Rank 3, Level 45)  41440  2965  13669

Character Class: Mutant

Basic Abilities: Poison Immunity, Paralytic Poison, Stun, Regeneration, Prowess, Slow

  • Anti-Purify
  • Toad gains a Prowess effect any time his Opponents Purify a Paralytic Poison Debuff. Additionally, any Skill Champions that Purify a Paralytic Poison are immediately inflicted with a Passive Paralytic Poison that deals more damage.

  • Poison Damage Over Time
  • Toad’s long duration Poison Debuffs reduce healing and deal damage over time. Toad can also apply Poisons with his Tongue Attacks, which gives him an easy-to-access Poison Debuff. Doing so, he is able to output large amounts of Poison damage throughout the course of a fight.

  • Regeneration
  • Toad’s Paralytic Secretion ability allows him to slowly regenerate his health over time. If left unchecked, Toad can regenerate significant amounts of health while he avoids taking hits.
  • Heal Block
  • While Toad’s Regeneration ability cannot be reduced or reversed, he is still vulnerable to Heal Block. This allows Champions to negate his ability to heal himself in the corner.

  • Poison Immunity
  • A large portion of Toad’s damage comes from his Poison damage via his Paralytic Poison Debuffs and Passives. Fighting a Poison Immune Champion will always be an uphill battle for Toad.

  • Prowess Removal and Cowardice
  • The other large portion of Toad’s damage comes from Prowess effects which increase Special Attack Damage. Champions that can lower Special Attack Damage by applying Cowardice or by removing Prowess can reduce a significant amount of Toad’s damage.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

Always Active
  • Toad is Immune to Poison and his Regeneration rate cannot be decreased or increased by outside sources.
  • 7% chance when Struck to inflict a Paralytic Poison Debuff. Being Struck with Critical Hits has a 40% chance.
Dev Notes: While Toad’s Regeneration rate cannot be increased or decreased, his ability to heal is still vulnerable to Heal Block. Be sure to use Heal Block if Toad’s Health Regeneration becomes difficult to overcome.

Tongue Attacks
  • Toad attacks using his Prehensile Tongue on his Second Medium, Special 1, and Special 2 Attacks.
  • 100% chance to inflict a Paralytic Poison Debuff on Contact.
Dev Notes: Toad’s Tongue Attacks occur on his Second Medium Attack, the last hit of Special 1, and the first 3 hits of Special 2.

Paralytic Poison
  • Deals 1840.8 direct damage over 30 seconds, and reduces health recovery by 30%. Paralytic Poisons count as Poison Debuffs.
  • Dashing forward or dashing backwards Purifies one of Toad’s personal Paralytic Poison Debuffs. This effect cannot happen more than once every 2 seconds.
  • 70% chance to inflict a Paralytic Poison Passive when Purified by Skill Champions.
Developer’s Note: Keep in mind while playing Toad that his Paralytic Poisons will fall off your opponents if they dash forward or backwards. This happens less and less as you attack more aggressively and your opponent is pushed into the corner.

At Max Paralytic Poison:
  • Convert all personal Poisons into a Paralytic Poison Passive, dealing 690.3 direct damage over 8 seconds. Deals an additional 690.3 for each Prowess effect and cannot be removed by Dashing.
  • Inflict a Stun Passive for 2 seconds. This effect goes on cooldown for 10 seconds. This effect cannot interrupt a Special Attack.
Developer’s Note: If combined with Toad’s Tongue Attacks, Toad can Stun a Champion while attacking into their Block. You will have to pay attention when you stack 10 Paralytic Poison Debuffs on your opponent to do this.

Heavy Attacks
  • Consume 1 Poison Debuff to deal 1380.6 as a burst of Physical damage.
Developer’s Note: A good time to use this ability is when the amount of Paralytic Poison stacks on the Opponent is too high and you want to Stun them at a later time.

Paralytic Secretion - Max 3 Stacks
  • If Toad is Struck while he is near a wall, Toad begins to secrete paralysing toxins and gains a Regeneration Passive healing 5% of missing health over 8 seconds. +1% Regeneration Potency for every hit on the Opponent’s Combo Meter up to 15 hits.
  • Critical Hits, Bleeds and Incinerate Debuffs also have a 20% chance to trigger Paralytic Secretion. Against Skill Champions this ability gains +50% chance.
  • 40% chance to inflict Paralytic Poison on contact while Paralytic Secretion is active.
  • Gain an indefinite Passive Prowess increasing Special Attack damage by 70% when Paralytic Secretion is activated. Max 5 Stacks.
  • Toad’s Attacks pause the duration of Paralytic Secretion for 0.50 seconds.
Developer’s Note: When fighting against Toad, try to keep him out of the corner as that is where Toad is the strongest.

Special 1 - Prehensile Poke
  • Gain Paralytic Secretion for 8 seconds.
Developer’s Note: This Special Attack is great for going on the offensive and stacking Prowess effects for your next Special Attack. While this ability is active, you are also able to Stun your opponent through their block as your Poisons can trigger on contact.

Special 2 - Paralytic Whip
  • If the Opponent is suffering from Toad’s personal Stun effects, deal 5292.3 as a burst of Poison Damage.
  • Removes all personal Prowess Passives.
  • The last hit inflicts a Slow Debuff for 25 seconds.
Developer’s Note: Stacking Prowess effects with Special 1 is the best way to increase the damage output of this attack. Be sure to activate this when the opponent is close to 8 or 9 stacks of Paralytic Poison.

Special 3 - Raining Fire
  • Inflict a Paralytic Poison Passive dealing 2301 direct damage over 25 seconds. Deals an additional 2301 for each Prowess effect and cannot be removed by Dashing.
  • Removes all personal Prowess Passives.
Developer’s Note: Special 2 and Special 3 both remove your Prowess effects so be sure to have a large stack of Prowess before using this Attack.

Signature Ability - Paralytic Resins
  • Always Active:
  • Gain an indefinite Passive Prowess increasing Special Attack damage by 25% when a personal Stun or Poison, or the Stun from the Parry Mastery, is Purified or fails to trigger due to immunities. Max 10 stacks.*
  • At 10 Prowess, consume all Prowess to inflict a Passive Stun for 2 seconds when a Poison fails to trigger due to immunity. This effect cannot interrupt a Special Attack.
  • +100% Passive Stun duration if triggered by a Tongue Attack.
Developer’s Note: Once Awakened, Toad’s Special Attack damage increases considerably as Champions that Purify Poisons grant Toad Prowess effects. This includes any time an opponent Purifies a Paralytic Poison by dashing.

*Please note that there is currently a known issue with this description in-game. The in-game description does not include Stuns from the Parry Mastery. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.

Brotherhood - Unique - - with Sauron
  • Toad: Tongue Attacks that make contact deal 20% of Attack as a burst of Physical damage while Paralytic Secretion is active.
  • Sauron: Inflict a Bleed Debuff dealing 15% of Attack Rating as Direct Damage over 6 seconds on the final hit of a Heavy Attack.

Lightning Rod - Unique - With Storm
  • Toad: Special Attacks have +15% Crit Rating while Paralytic Secretion is active.
  • Storm: Deal 15% of Attack as a burst of instant Shock damage while the Opponent is suffering from a Stun Debuff.

Toxic Love - Unique - With Scarlet Witch, Scarlet Witch (Classic)
  • Toad: +15% Combat Power Rate while Paralytic Secretion is active.

Truly Devoted - Unique - With Magneto
  • Toad: While Paralytic Secretion is active, gain an Unstoppable Buff for 5 seconds when charging a Heavy Attack. Cooldown 12 seconds.

Greasy Swamp Boys - Unique - With Man-Thing and King Groot
  • Toad: +8% Poison Debuff Potency.
  • Man-Thing and King Groot: Start the fight with an indefinite Prowess Buff increasing Special Attack Damage by 60%. This Buff is removed after a Special Attack ends.

In My Nature - Unique - With ???
  • Toad: 30% chance to inflict a Disorient Debuff reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy and Block Proficiency by 50% for 8 seconds when a Poison expires.
  • ???: Coming Soon

Liquid Courage
  • Toad is Poison Immune so the damage from Liquid Courage does not apply to Toad allowing him to reap the benefits from the added Attack Rating.

Double Edge
  • The added Attack Rating from this Mastery is worth the investment when Toad can Regenerate the initial Bleed damage.

  • Toad’s ability to inflict frequent Poison Debuffs pairs well with Despair. This is great versus opponents who have strong Regeneration abilities.
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  • BigPoppaCBONEBigPoppaCBONE Posts: 2,062 ★★★★★
    Just doubled the comments. The excitement for Toad is palpable. Hopefully I pull him in the next month; I'll come back to triple the comments with a very brief review.
  • TerraTerra Posts: 7,626 ★★★★★

    Just doubled the comments. The excitement for Toad is palpable. Hopefully I pull him in the next month; I'll come back to triple the comments with a very brief review.

    It's sad that both Sauron and Toad are almost entirely Defense oriented.
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