“Roll With The Punches” node is bugged

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Already opened a ticket with Kabam. Just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this issue.

This node on the cavalier difficulty event quest (chapter 3 quest 2) is not functioning properly. Stuns are still getting shorter even if there’s an active buff on my attacker. See video below, specifically on the 1:10 and 1:32 marks, when the stuns are noticeably getting shorter.

There’s also a question of why “passive prowess” is a requirement stated on the node when it’s passive furies we’re gaining from attacking while unblockable.



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    GarrettN said:

    I think it’s just prowess in general that’s having trouble. I used colossus with his armor up and that unblockable buff lasted a long time. I used apocalypse with his full 4 charges and it didn’t last long at all.

    Prowess isn't meant to make the unblockable longer, just prevent the stuns from getting shorter.

    Tho passive prowess should absolutely make the unblockable longer because that way the node would no longer suck.
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