Event Quest Completion 22-hour event

This solo event is too hard to score on, in contrast to the other ones. Level Up, Arena Wins, and Hero Use are very easy to get points on. It only takes minutes and minimal effort to get to the last milestone for those 3 solo events. However, that is not the case with Event Quest Completion, for some reason. Maybe it's time to make some changes to the scoring system.

With regard to the event quest solo event, completion of Chapter 3 Quest 2 of the Cavalier difficulty offers 7000 points. It would require a number of replays on that particular quest to get enough points for the final milestone. The same quest on Uncollected has only half of that. That is a pretty huge drop-off. There's an opportunity here to make life easier for players. Maybe increase the points of Uncollected difficulty to, say, 5000 or even 6000?

Another thing to consider is how easy the other 3 solo events are. Maybe make things even more light for summoners by changing the fabric of the Event Quest Completion event entirely. Maybe give points for winning any form of quest fight, with most difficult content offering the highest number of points.

I hope Kabam considers this suggestion.
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