"The Inhumans" looking to absorb or merger. Or even a few solos

We lost a few members lately and have another few becoming inactive. We are looking to absorb a battlegroup or even a merger with another alliance. We have crazy good skilled people just can't seem to find the right people to fill out the roster!

Our Info
- 5.5mill rating
- tier 3 war
- bounce between advanced and expert tier AQ every week (could stay Expert with another good BG)
- Donations of 80 gold, 20 bc and the 4k loyalty per war
- run AQ 45444 or whatever is needed to advance if we fall behind
- SA weekly fairly easy
- line not required IF you can function with just in game message. But if it becomes a problem will require line

Line ID: saladino1990 (Grizzzla)
In Game: Grizzzla

(Royel)The Inhumans


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